Could Dark Souls II go next-gen? From Software hasn’t thought about it yet

Edge :

"Yui Tanimura is co-director of Dark Souls II, the man who used the word ‘accessible’ in describing From Software’s forthcoming sequel, and quickly regretted it. He has since apologised for the misunderstanding, and clarified what he meant. There was similar remorse from Takeshi Miyazoe recently on the subject of the PC port of Dark Souls, the sequel’s producer admitting to us that its predecessor’s PC release was “rushed”. That won’t happen with the new game, he promised.

Here’s more from our recent conversation with co-director Yiu Tanimura about Dark Souls II, its intended platforms and the tweaks and improvements the studio has made to the follow-up to critical darling, Dark Souls."

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trollout1618d ago

I dont believe them. Im sure every developer has thought about re-releasing their last-gen "gem" on next gen consoles.

NYC_Gamer1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

I don't expect studios to confirm the existence of PS4/X1 versions because that would stop many gamers from buying DS2 on last gen hardware

ABizzel11618d ago

Exactly, but they need to make sure if the do release a next-gen version that it comes out at the right time, or it's a pointless upgrade. Late Summer 2014 would be best (August), if not then Early 2015 (February).

Ratty1618d ago

It will also stop many gamers from buying Dark Souls II on next-gen consoles. Though a lot will still get both this way.

BlackTar1871618d ago

yea but the gamers who would have bought it on ps3/360 would buy it for the upgraded system so i would hope it offsets with the same total sales.

I really want this on ps4 just for the ease of using one system. This game and finishing up Ni No Kuna are keeping me from retiring the ps3.

yeahokchief1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

you're talking about a developer who has strived to do right by their fans and always put the focus on the game's experience first and foremost....

they have always gone for releasing complete games and no dlc or microtransactions etc for extra money and doing what is best for the game by keeping it challenging and fun instead of bending to mainstream.

i think you're all being douchebags assuming they have some sinister intentions when they have yet to screw us over a single time.

in regards to your topic in general im sure there will be a few that will do this type of thing eventually but who cares. im excited as hell for this game because its going to be a solid game regardless of 3 or 4. no way i'm missing 3/11/14

more than fine with me if they want to do a ps4 version later in the future but im still buying day 1 regardless because im a fan of their games.

cant beleive this game gets so much crap compared to something like battlefield WHICH WAS LOADED with more bugs than any game in that franchises history on launch to the point where the developer gets kicked out of his own game by the players. lol! i mean you compare that to how dark souls has done numerous beta tests and stress tests for dark souls 2 which were a blast to play and good enough to be the final product in terms of bugs.

bunch of babies

yeahokchief1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

i mean my point above is battlefield didnt even screw around telling people they were screwing their wallets.

ThEY released literally one or two weeks earlier on PS3 and offered stat transfers or whatever to PS4.So basically you couldnt just buy either version on the same day. I CANNOT BELIEVE people didnt have the common sense to make a stink about THAT instead of whining about somethign that "might" happen when FROM SOFTWARE is focusing so much on making the PS3 version good.

And look, some people get really excited for chicken tonight.

imagine telling these people
that there will be no chicken tonight because they're moving it to friday.

thats all im saying. its going to be great tonight. chicken tonight.

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Summons751618d ago

Considering there are rumors about Demon Souls 2 being on next gen that could be the reason why they didn't think about dark souls 2 for next gen.

I really hope they make deamon souls 2 next or a new souls title!

BlackTar1871618d ago

To me Demon Souls rules all. The gateways really sold me and i loved it. I love the walk thru this door and get a whole world with the same theme etc.

I know Dark souls does it to but i hate running thru all of Dark souls land sometimes. Hate is a strong word . Sometimes i felt tired running thru the entire place to get to the underground Death trap or to get to the castle.

SilentSolid1618d ago


I enjoyed Dark Souls more. but that might be because That was my first experience with the series. I found Demon's to be outdated. But I'm gonna give it another chance. Want to play it through atleast once before dark souls 2 is here :)

LAWSON721616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Demons Souls is a Sony owned game, and From Software clearly decided they wanted to go multiplat, which is a smart idea for such a niche title. If there is a Demons Souls 2 I don't see From Software making it unless Sony is stupid and pays them loads of cash to make it.

gedapeleda1618d ago

It's funny how there's such a demand for PS4 yet it has no games.

Meltic1618d ago

iknow no freaking games yet... its bull i hope it will be much better in march

Ratty1618d ago

Yeah it's been out for so long.


gedapeleda1618d ago

yeah and I mean why would someone buy a system so early it has no games and may have some technical problems popping in like ylod etc.

-Foxtrot1618d ago

This and South Park Stick of Truth need next gen's silly releasing these games on old systems when some of your fans would of moved onto next gen by selling their old systems for money

CrossingEden1618d ago

There would be absolutely no reason to port Stick of truth to next gen, "Wow, look at those 1080p south park character models, totes worth geting tis on next gen rite gais?"

-Foxtrot1618d ago's not about resolution though, it's about more people getting to play it.

Ratty1618d ago

Like Foxtrot said. Not everyone has a 7th generation console or a PC.

ceedubya91618d ago

I'd much rather buy some of these games on my new console as opposed to my old ones if I had the choice. I'll buy the 360/PS3 version if I have to, but I wouldn't be mad at a current gen version.

stavrami-mk21618d ago

2 games i also would like to play but won't due to selling ps3 ,i would buy both day 1

re2_apocalypse1618d ago

Where I'm not saying I don't understand you; why wouldn't you keep your old systems. You get jack for value for them, and you knew there were plenty of awesome games still coming to the PS3/360

It's not worth making a game solely for next-gen currently (at least for 3rd parties) and porting takes longer to do; especially if the game is basically already done.

Logic my friend; there's 80+ million systems out their for the PS3 and 360, compared to the 4+ million PS4's and 3 something million Xbox Ones

-Foxtrot1618d ago

Hmmm thats odd because I sold my PS3 for £180

The PS4 is £349.99 so it came down to £169.99, plus my 10% discount at ASDA the total came to £153.99

I sold a s*** load of my games I didn't want aswell for roughly £75 so there was the money for roughly two PS4 games. I got Assassins Creed 4 and Killzone SF.

So Jack value for them? I don't think so mate, it's a lot better selling them now then in the future when most people have a PS4 and the PS3s will hardly be worth nothing since so many people will be trading them in. friend

fossilfern1618d ago

Though I am getting this on PC, but I wouldn't mind getting an XBO copy down the line.

PhoenixRising371618d ago

if they didnt "think about it" by now they probably never will.

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