Graphics vs Gameplay - What is More Important?

SuperCheats take a look at the age old game related question - what is more important, graphics or gameplay?

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SquareSoft1592d ago

Graphics & Gameplay, Playstation Now could deliver both of them. For me, graphics are a bit more important. I would like to see a game that max the graphical limit of something like the Titan Supercomputer.

Ezz20131592d ago

a game need 4 things in my eyes :

3.voice acting/soundtrack
3.good Graphics

every part of those is important to me at least

US8F1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I'm the type of person who loves things inside out, and never outside in. The soul is the gameplay

TenSteps1592d ago

I kinda have a more simplified look to it somewhat similar to yours in a sense. The main difference being that I categorize graphics, story and voice acting/soundtrack under presentation. I mean just like gameplay having distinct categories (AI, Pacing, Technical fluidity).

For me personally as long as those two (presentation and gameplay) are met I see it as a game worth the price.

Hatsune-Miku1592d ago

We should have graphics and gameplay. people often act like you cant have them both which is silly.

Skip_Bayless1592d ago

@Ten Steps

You almost got it right. Gameplay is composed of graphics and the things you said above. Gameplay can't be seen. Yes I know I'm taking it too literal but I'm tired of people trying downplay graphics.

abzdine1592d ago

if i have to choose one thing it's gameplay!
i prefer to play Tetris on gameboy than Ryse. Just saying!
i also prefer to play oldschool versions of games rather than their 3D remakes.

hay1592d ago

You're buying operating system for your computor, what's more important: Functionality or User Interface... Yeah...

FamilyGuy1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Graphics are important when they're meant to be important. Some games are intentionally made as visual showcases of the technology they're on. Some are made purely for the fun factor. In many cases the genre makes the difference in whether you want/need a game to stand out visually.

Most puzzlers don't need to be visual showcases
Most FPSs are expected to look pretty.
Strategy games have visuals set on the backburner.
3rd person action games focus heavily on looks and gameplay mechanics.

Visuals should never be "the most important" but we do expect high quality in genres that might rely on the beauty to tell part of the story. To play a key role in the theme and atmosphere allowing us to become more immersed and enjoy the game all the more for it.

Army_of_Darkness1591d ago

Gameplay and Graphics are equally important to me. The only games that I don't care much about graphics are puzzles. other than that, I need good graphics to match with gameplay, otherwise I might as well not upgrade my console/pc.

UltraNova1591d ago

Wanna now what is the perfect (to this day) mix of all elements (gameplay,story, voice acting/soundtrack and graphics)?

Go play The Last of Us period.

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gameonbro1592d ago

the question is which one is more important. waaa waaa waa we should have both but yet a game like minecraft is more popular than those with both.

Magicite1591d ago

If cake is a game, then graphics is its look and gameplay is its taste.
After cake have been eaten, no matter how it looked, only thing what remains, is its taste in our mouth.

Play2Win1591d ago

look, gameplay over graphics in most cases. Simply because you are playing not watching a movie where the visuals are far more important.

But in Games like BF4 for example I can't get along with the console versions. Doesn't matter if One or PS4. The dynamic Draw Distance is extremely unsharp and jaggy which hurting my eyes and my gameplay. I always need a clear look all over the map. On PC on ultra this is the case. I would rater turn down effets and stuff to have a sharp picture with some nice anti aliasing switched on.

asyouburn1591d ago

"The dynamic Draw Distance is extremely unsharp and jaggy which hurting my eyes..."

"...which hurting my eyes...

Dude, you can't be serious. Don't get me wrong, BF4 pc ultra will smoke any other version, but ps4/ONE hurts your eyes? Lol

Play2Win1591d ago


I'm serious but in fact I'm a little spoiled

TheSaint1591d ago

Without decent gameplay you have no game. Though graphics aren't worthless/meaningless by any imagination.

But gameplay > graphics.

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ic3fir31592d ago

For me the most important in a game is undoubtedly the gameplay, then longevity, content and complexividade.
in graphite prefer a game with a great ArtStyle with super realistic graphics.
For example, think mario world more beautiful than Battlefield 4

Neonridr1592d ago

Gameplay will always be paramount. A beautiful game can easily be a $hit game and an ugly game can easily be a great game. Graphics alone can never be enough to save a game.

Now ideally you want a mix of both, but gameplay has to be always considered first and foremost. Who wants to play something that is pretty but boring?

The Meerkat1592d ago

A bad game cannot be saved by good graphics.
A bad looking game can be saved by good gameplay.

However a good looking and good playing game can be ruined by having a WTF story. (I'm looking at you capcom)

Play2Win1591d ago

I would never let a story ruin a nice playing and good looking game. For most Shooters you don't need a Hollywood story. Mission Design is far more important.

DCfan1592d ago

Gameplay anyday. I still play games like JSR, Crazy Taxi because their gameplay is pick up and play level and its awesome.