Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Hands-on [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers writes:

"Ready for round two? To re-live Lara Croft’s hellish tale of survival on the mysterious, mystical island of Yamatai like some horrific, but beautiful nightmare? Or for those who never played the original release – to definitively experience the rebirth of a gaming heroine and industry icon?

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is releasing on January 31 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and as part of a Square Enix Showcase, we at Capsule Computers received the opportunity to get re-acquainted with Lara in all her hair-flipping and polygonally enhanced glory. Our time with the Definitive Edition was half demonstration, half hands-on, as we jumped around multiple chapters for a few minutes at a time."

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trollout1433d ago

I Know Im buying. hopefully the MP isnt as bad as everyone tries to make it. this must last until titanfall

ZacE1432d ago

Just don't buy it for the multiplayer. It's fine, but this is a single-player game at its core.

trollout1432d ago

I figured that much but how bad can the MP be? 60 bucks for a 10-12 hour story mode? I might just hold my 60 bucks and play project spark for the month until TITANFALL

ZacE1432d ago

It's actually more like 15 hours+. It's very meaty for a story heavy game of its kind. There's collectibles and more.

Scrivlar1433d ago

On amazon I'm seeing a definitive edition for under 40 and another for 60. Can anyone explain the difference as all I can see is the cheaper one doesn't come with an art book but that can't be all surely?

berndogskate1433d ago

Yeah artbook and some dlc, not worth it really

Scrivlar1433d ago

Haha wow! I'll definitely just get the cheaper one, thanks.

ZacE1432d ago

Hmm, I only see it listed at $60 on Amazon (for standard and pre-order artbook package).

Scrivlar1432d ago

I think the price has gone up since last time I looked but there's definitely one without the art book that's £45. I noticed you put dollars so it could be that I'm on UK Amazon.

ZacE1432d ago

Oh yes, I thought you meant the US Amazon. In that case, yeah the only difference would be the artbook packaging I believe.

trollout1433d ago

im pretty sure its last gen and next gen versions

ZacE1432d ago

Definitive Edition is only releasing for Xbox One and PS4.