Casino game "Hotel Vartix" released, featuring GACKT

The free casino game, Hotel Vartix, is now available at the app store in Japan.

Japanese singer GACKT (pictured) is the spokesperson for the title. His avatar Gakuchi will also appear in the game as your casino attendant.

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rextraordinaire1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

That google translation was highly enjoyable.

☆ It is while communicating with fellow noisily, Let's play at the casino ☆

Casino King exactly who has worked on the famous casino hotels of many.

- 1st bullet slot game! Casino games one after another you plan to add other -

asyouburn1614d ago

Bujingai was the best game Gackt was ever in

Pozzle1613d ago

Oh man, that brings back memories. Bujingai was such an underrated game.