'The Division' boss: 'The right business to me is to have a great product'

Some companies in the gaming industry are primarily focused on and concerned with making money that they forget about what is the true revenue generator, providing quality games for consumers to invest in.

Recently, Massive Entertainment's managing director David Polfeldt expressed his view on something that all publishers constantly have to decide where their priorities lie, making a great game or making money?

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Albie3601593d ago

My most anticipated game at the moment.

Meltic1594d ago

Yeah Yeah delay it and concentrate on doing Watch dogs ready now

rhcpfan1593d ago

Entirely different dev teams

Ripsta7th1593d ago

Well said. This gives me even more reason to buy this gam day 1. Well deserved

SquidBuck1593d ago

Meant to hit agree, my bad

hiptanaka1593d ago

Actually, as an always-online game, The Division is a service and not a product.

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