Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo is now available for Xbox 360

Lightning Strikes the Xbox 360. The demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is now available for the Xbox 360, giving North American gamers their first taste of dress-up-powered threequel action.

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rextraordinaire1645d ago

I wish I had a xbox now. Just for that.

But it's probably gonna be on psn soon enough.

cleft51645d ago

I am not taking my 360 out of the closet to play the demo of this game. I will wait a week or whatever until they bring a demo to PS3.

Ol_G1645d ago

Is there a ps3 demo i'm on vacation but wanna test this before my preorder arrives

goldwyncq1645d ago

How many gamers on Xbox are even interested in this game? Seems like a complete disservice to those who are actually looking forward to it on PS3.

rextraordinaire1645d ago


I suppose they missed PSN's update window for this week or something.

I do hope it's gonna be up soon.

Elda1645d ago

If you have a Jap PSN account you can download the demo there,I personally thought it wasn't bad,I really enjoyed the first one,the second a little disappointed but this one seems interesting though I've read some recent previews stating this game is frustrating,confusing & hard,I do want to read a few reviews to see what they have to say when it's released.

nope1111645d ago

Yeah, JPN demo was actually pretty fun, i'll still wait on bargain bin price which won't take long.

DragonKnight1645d ago

There aren't many interested on PS3 either, so this is a non-issue.

Elda1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Just say you're not interested,I've read on many forums PS3 players that are interested in this game,I always notice you're always saying negative things about anything FF-XIII related,I personally ever enter any non-bashing article about a game I have no interest in just to make negative comments,I would think it is just a waste of time & energy.

DragonKnight1645d ago

I don't have to state the obvious. You can read on some forums that some PS3 players are interested, I've seen more that aren't and so far, in Japan, the numbers for this game are worse than FF13-2.

And for the record, the world is filled with diverse peoples, not 7 billion versions of you.

Elda1645d ago would be nice not to see your negative rants about anything FF-XIII related,obviously you should give it a REST.

DragonKnight1645d ago

So let me get this straight elda. If it's people talking positively about your favourite FF trilogy, then those comments are ok to make and have everyone see. But because YOU don't like it when people talk negatively (or rather the truth) about your favourite FF trilogy, then those comments aren't ok and no one should post them?

Thank Yevon you don't own a website.

Get used to the fact that most people detest the FF13 trilogy and have damn good reasons for it. Also get used to seeing people voice their dislike of it because it's their right to do so as much as it is yours to faun over bad games.

That's the beauty of freedom of speech. Obviously.

Elda1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Again this is article that is NOT bashing anything FF-XIII related so COMMON SENSE would be...enter the article if you are INTERESTED,but you ALWAYS feel the NEED to always enter these FF-XIII related articles for a couple of years now & down them with your negative rants because you & other people didn't like it but THERE ARE people that DO & I've seen different articles with you defending games that you've liked so I take it no one can do this BUT YOU,again..COMMON SENSE is if you don't have any interest at all then you shouldn't enter it,saving your time & energy knowing no matter what you say people that are interested could care less what you have to say,again..if you don't have anything nice to SAY then you shouldn't SAY anything at all,giving it a REST..but I know it's something you couldn't possibly refrain from doing,Misery Loves Company.

DragonKnight1645d ago

Whether or not the article is bashing something or not is completely irrelevant. What you want is people to comment the way you want them to, and that's just not going to happen.

So get used to seeing comments you don't want to see because this is the internet and that's what happens. Face facts, people don't like this game and are going to tell you so whenever they want to. Toughen up buttercup, or get off the internet.

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rextraordinaire1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )


I don't, and I can't read Japanese.

Going into a game without understanding the on screen instructions is likely to leave me with a sour aftertaste, so I'll wait for the english demo. :)

But I've been reading about it on forums, and what I gathered is that I will really love the game, even with the flaws it shows!

Elda1645d ago

Neither do I,but I was interested & if you've played the past FF-XIII games you get a feel what to do by experimenting with the button layout.

rextraordinaire1645d ago

I loved XIII and XIII-2, and the battle system in LR seems easy to grasp, as I've played Valkyrie Profile and games like Radiata Stories / Tales / Star Ocean.

But, you know, I want a demo of what I'll have as a final product. :)

HacSawJimThugin1644d ago

I am interested...contrary to popular opinion, not all Xbox owners are what you think...whatever that may be. Brand loyal is a disservice to games in general and the elitist attitude that comes with it needs to die. I play games regardless of what system it is on.

LAWSON721644d ago

Not all but a select few that apparently have no money for a PS3 to buy a console that actually has games and plenty of JRPGs. That or they have something against a console like an idiot.

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Kurisu1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Hopefully there will be an info blow out at E3!

chikane1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

hhhaa funny for the fact that this game sold like 10 copy's in japan on the 360.

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