Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII after 30 hours | Destructoid Preview

Destructoid: SHUT UP, Hope! I'M TRYING TO WORK HERE!

Okay, sorry. Hope is always talking in my ear. Non-stop. You'll see. Oh my God, you'll see.

I'm coming off over 30 hours of nearly non-stop play of Square Enix's latest, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and I have a lot to say.

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SquareSoft1648d ago

He's having a lot of fun.

NihonjinChick1648d ago

It's sad how you got disagrees for simply stating how the author of the article felt about the game.

rextraordinaire1648d ago

FFXIII haters are hardcore.

NiteX1648d ago

Maybe they feel that the author is lying?

rextraordinaire1648d ago

I can't wait. There's a demo on Xbox Live, when will we PS users get it?

It would help with the waiting!

reaper241648d ago

I don't know how you got 5 downvotes for looking forward to a demo.

rextraordinaire1648d ago

XIII series haters. They're good at hating. :/

nope1111648d ago

Stupid Hope, he should've died instead of his mother.

LightofDarkness1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Actually, that would've made for a much more interesting plot point. And the kid's mom seemed FAR more handy in a fight, and cooler in general.

Imagine her gunning for Snow the entire time, blaming him for her son's death. Wouldn't have fixed the game overall, but it would've made Snow a more interesting character if they played it right.

NihonjinChick1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I actually enjoyed the XIII series..... well I enjoyed XIII-2 anyways. I could hardly finish the first one because it was boring. Anyways, back on topic, I found this game to be quite fun. They upped the exploration and added towns and shops back in. There is also a whole new battle system that is quite satisfying.

My biggest problem with it is the story. The story telling is weak and they brought back all the characters I hated in the first game.

Hicken1648d ago

I preferred the first game to the second, and a large part of that was the cast. If they're making a return, and the battle system is as it appears to be, I think I'll like this game quite a bit.

NihonjinChick1648d ago

I do agree that the larger cast was better, there is no denying that. I just didn't like certain characters and the parts where I was forced to play as those characters made it worse.

Ilovetheps41648d ago

I agree with you. Everyone I talk to calls me crazy for liking the first game better. I just didn't like the characters in XIII-2. I thought that the cast and the story was much better in the first game. I had no clue what was going on in XIII-2 nor did I care, and the ending was pretty bad in my opinion. Just glad to see someone else liking the first game more than the second.

rextraordinaire1648d ago

I liked XIII much more than XIII-2 too.

I thought XIII-2 was way too easy. Most battles could be won with a simple rav/com/com setup.

Nerdmaster1648d ago

"Lightning Returns' only method of "leveling" is by completing quests."

I didn't know that. Now I'm even less excited for the game.

Nerdmaster1648d ago

Am I the only one who didn't know about it? So everyone is ok by leveling up only by completing quests?

minimur121648d ago


I didn't know, but how is it such a porblem that you can only level up by quests, isn't that like in every game?

complte X job/quest

get XP

Nerdmaster1648d ago

The only RPG I ever played that didn't give xp by defeating monsters was Chrono Cross. And that game was boring.

Even games that gives xp as reward for quests, defeating monsters give xp, too. Let's say that the boss from a FFXIII-3 quest is too strong for you. In any other RPG, you could grind a little to get stronger. In FFXIII-3, you simply don't have that option.

rextraordinaire1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Well you can still grow stronger by grinding monsters, as they drop gil, skills and materials to upgrade your equipment. Also, dropped skills come with unique attached abilities, like elemental resistance or ATB recharge.

As for quest stats increase, they carry on to new game+ and will give stats increase again on multiple play throughs, meaning quests are really like some meta exp grind, only a bit less mindless than running around in circles waiting for monsters to attack you.

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