Eight Funny Xbox One Voice Commands, You haven't heard yet

GamerFitNation: Welcome to the realm of imagination. We have entered into a new era of gaming, and with this entry, it’s time to look at all of the fun moments that we can have. The Xbox One has a ton of voice commands that you can use to navigate the system. The existing commands are a good start, but the Xbox One’s voice controls have so much potential. Let’s take a look at some voice commands that could help the Xbox One reach its full potential.

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Goro1622d ago

Should be called "8 Xbox One Voice Commands"

JeffGUNZ1622d ago

How f'n awful was that. I cringed from how corny and unfunny all those "commands" were. I am actually embarrassed for the author.

GuyThatPlaysGames1622d ago

"Xbox 1, turn on PS4" *Ps4 turns on* :)

TheXgamerLive1622d ago

Sorry but WTF is this $h#t. Pathetic, not news, not entertaining nothing.

andrewsqual1621d ago

We heard most of them during the disastrous reveal on 21st May 2013. :)

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JeffGUNZ1622d ago

What a crap article.

First off, I thought they were suppose to be funny, yet they were the most pathetic and far from funny material I have ever seen.

Second, Walter White reference makes no sense as he cooked meth, not crack.

Third, "Xbox Sandwhich" referring to the heat to be a toaster makes no sense as the console is very cool while playing. Also, pretty childish to assume only a female could make you a sandwhich.

I am guessing the author is about 13 years old and hasn't spent any "alone time" with any members of the opposite sex.

Naga1622d ago

That was beyond lame.

goldwyncq1622d ago

Walter White never manufactured crack.

Whore_Mouth1622d ago

Yeah. I was trying to figure out what the fuck he was talking about.

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