Is 'The Division' on PC delaying the development of its PS4 & Xbox One versions?

The Division first started out as a game that would be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One only, but fans made enough noise and a strong case for the game to also hit PCs that Ubisoft ended up deciding to bring the title to that platform.

Recently, Massive Entertainment's managing director David Polfeldt discussed the impact the E3 reveal had on the entire team at Massive, as well as the decision to bring The Division to PCs.

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Crazay1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I sincerely hope not. I'm jonesing for a new BIG action title on next gen and The Division looks effin sweet.

raWfodog1645d ago

I don't know why they would delay the console versions just to make sure the PC is also ready for simultaneous release. It seems that they'd be able to use the revenue from the consoles to help pay for the PC development.

Spinal1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

This game is going to be a massive fail. I don't know why people have their hopes up.

There isn't one successful shooter MMO not one. I don't see this being the one either. Destiny looks like it has more of a chance because of it's setting. But this set in modern times an streets of America lol just wait an see it fail.

Allsystemgamer1645d ago

Spinal you do realize it's not a paid MMO right? And planet side 2 is very successful. It's a co op/adversarial shooter with an online world. It's not the same thing you are thinking of.

ZombieKiller1645d ago

I hope not but as long as the game itself turns out the way I am hoping, then I wont care. This game looks amazing. Truly a next gen title to me.

sigfredod1644d ago

I don't see why it should affect it, since most of the console games released on PC normally arrive later on that plataform, so they easily could release it on consoles shortly after on PC

JohnnyTower1645d ago

Wouldn't the pc build be easier? I'm no developer, but you would have to think so.

Wikkid6661645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Not always. Consoles have one configuration (set hardward and sorftware). PCs have endless configurations (different OSs, hardware, drivers, etc).

JohnnyTower1645d ago

I see. I always assumed the developers did the grunt work on pc and ported it over to the console. And I also imagined the developers sitting chained to a desk row by row and fed Raman noodles and red bull in a dingy warehouse.

frostypants1644d ago

All things being equal (experience, development environment, etc.) the PC is actually tougher due to the lack of hardware standards.

Seafort1645d ago

Yeah cos the PC is so slow and hard to develop for :P

What the hell do you think they developed the game on in the first place? It certainly wasn't a console with gamepad cos that would be just awkward trying to type code with a few buttons :P

thehitman1645d ago

PC is the hardest platform to develop for. There are reasons games on PC have endless patches and bug fixes where consoles need a fraction of the amount. The amount of hardware they have to optimize for makes it difficult to have games running great at release. Also just because you develop code on a PC doesnt mean the code is made for the PC so your statement is very ignorant. Probably most of their code is compiled on the actually systems a.k.a dev kits.

Pandamobile1645d ago

"There are reasons games on PC have endless patches and bug fixes where consoles need a fraction of the amount."

Lol console games don't get half the patches PC does because it costs developers tens of thousands of dollars to push a patch through MS or Sony's QA system

Maxor1645d ago

PC is hardest platform to develop for? If you can't develop for the PC then you have zero business being a game developer period. The challenges of drivers and multiple hardware configurations is minuscule compared to the tight texture budget and hardware constraints of the console world.

Moncole1645d ago

PC gets endless patches because devs can patch their games on it the easiest.

thehitman1645d ago


Thats why PC developers rush to consoles and not the other way around right? I can take any random game and look at their patch notes and tell you the amount of resources and time spent optimizing the game for everyone is insane compared to consoles.


It has nothing to do with MS or Sony games are just less buggy on consoles because they were built with one hardware/software in mind mostly from the ground up. Consoles don't need hot fixes every week for 2 months to make a game stable.


rafaman1645d ago

Sorry, guys, but thehitman is right.

Somebody1645d ago

Consoles look like they get less patches not because they are easier to develop on but due to the costs set by MS and Sony. It'll cost them a lot for each patch so they bundle them all up into one or two big chunks to avoid those huge costs.

In contrast the PC doesn't impose any sorts of cost when patching so developers can drip numerous small increments of fixes quickly. Which is why PC patches tend to come out faster and smaller in size than console patches. Not to mention that some major patches were preceded by community fixes- fixes that gamers discovered upon hours of playing and shared faster than the official patch.

frostypants1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@Maxor: "The challenges of drivers and multiple hardware configurations is minuscule compared to the tight texture budget and hardware constraints of the console world."

No. PC developers have to develop for sh*tty hardware, too...often sh*ttier than even a last gen console, in fact. They have to make it work on a broad range of PC capabilities. Once again, people keep making the false assumption that all PCs are beasts. It's not true. Some PCs dust consoles. Other PCs get dusted by consoles. So a PC developer must take advantage of high end PCs to make the uber-PC owners happy, but they also have to scale it down to run on much lesser hardware...and it all must run out of the same compiled code.

That's not easier than developing for a single target spec.

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Fishy Fingers1645d ago

Not again, not another console game delayed so they could release alongside the PC version, like.... Or.... Ummm....

Whatever the reason, this is one of the games I really want to live up to the hype, so if it needs more work. Delay it.

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