Sony Over-exaggerating OLED TV claims - Says Report

New York (NY) - Sony's organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV has been drawing a lot of attention, but at least according to one research firm Sony has been a little over-zealous with its claims.

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decapitator3876d ago

I think not. I think they are the best on the market right now or among the top.

JsonHenry3876d ago

Sony? Say something that isn't true? Who in the world would have ever guessed THAT?!

Qbanboi3876d ago

Yeah, shame on Sony for making the best looking HDTV out there. SHAME ON YOU SONY.

badz1493876d ago

is the best TV available out there! the prolem is, it's just 11" but I think Sony is just trying to show the world what the possibilities are with it thus made it in limited quantity! they sold out on the 1st day and no one complaint - it's really that good! the contrast ratio is 1000000:1 and that's 100x than what can be achieved by most plasma TVs! actually, TV makers were competing to be the 1st selling OLED tv and Sony won! the picture quality is top notch on this TV compared to any other tv on the market and beside the size and prize, OLED TVs are actually unmatched! wait several years, we'll see it mainstreams!

zapass3875d ago

lying about what?

- 1080p gaming?

- KZ2 2005 E3 trailer with amazing CG graphics?
KZ2 ingame footage is even better!

- bluray disk good for games too?
MGS4 very soon

- CELL processor power
GT5p, Uncharted, KZ2, RCToD, Resistance, [email protected]

- HDD a must have for nextgen gaming
only standard on PS3

- Free online
lag free

- bluray disc FTW
HDDVD dead, DD still niche for years

- media center
UPnP, DivX

- Wifi
wireless, PsP interactivity...

Nothing has been under-delivered and there's still Home and more to come.
It is very clear that the lies are coming from people who have a hang-up with sony, not from sony.

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sak5003876d ago

They are reporting it as lame. Cuz we all know sony doesn't lie or over exaggerate or over hype their products.

Xi3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

but what would you want sony to say? Don't buy it, it's not as good blah blah blah? the money we put into RnD on this was a waste? of course not.

Honestly though, oled tech isn't for TV's it's main apilication will be high res screen's on handheld devices after the costs get low enough.

when the production costs get really low we'll probably expect to seem them on certain clothing labels, or as advertisements. Even business cards.

aiphanes3876d ago

LCD really sucks...plasma is still awesome...check out Pioneer plasmas they are the best....Sony will get the OLED right and once a 60 inch OLED comes out and priced around $ will sell like wildfire.

How did this company test the TV? Sony only said 30,000 hours...most LCDs and Plasmas last 60,000 hours. So if OLED tvs start to go bad in 5 will just replace them.

deeznuts3875d ago

People disagree with you because you said it in a fanboy manner, but plasma really is better I have learned.

I was an LCD whore and preached LCD to all my friends. Then I caught the plasma bug and now I won't turn back. Better blacks, good colors, no motion blur (how can any real gamer declare LCD better with it's motion blur?).

Image retention is there but not a problem anymore really. No permanent burn-in. Picture quality is better on plasma, flat out. LCD's are bright, they have good colors (other than black) and look good too. Remember i was an lcd whore. Lighter, and most of the time thinner.

But I prefer plasma now especially in the larger sizes.

shelbygt333875d ago

Not sure what tv's you were looking at, but motion blur is pretty much a thing of the past. Just saying... LCD isn't bad at all.

1stKnighT3875d ago

Plasmas are way better than LCD's. The only problem with Plasma's is the danger of burn-in. It is a good idea to break in your plasma for the first 200 hours with a break-in dvd or looping a dvd like Planet Earth. After that it's aaaaaaaall gravy.

LJWooly3875d ago

Only problems with plasma TVs are increased power consumption, and risk of screen burn-in. Other than that, they're awesome.

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