Two months in, and I haven't bought a PlayStation 4 game yet

Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes:

"Two months into owning a PS4, Editor Dali hasn't bought any games for it yet. Thanks to PS Plus, he hasn't had to. Is Sony missing out on sales?"

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jay21343d ago

No, he's still paid PS+.

showtimefolks1342d ago

I am buying my ps4 in early 2014, i am a huge infamous fan but for some reason i may wait till summer 2014 before buying ps4 or xbox one

ps3 is still gonna get a lot of support so i don't see the urge to upgrade. Now if sony can release a infamous 2nd son bundle

2 controllers
30 days psn-Plus
infamous 2nd son

than i will buy one in a heart beat. But if they announce drive club is coming in march or april than i am buying one regardless. Even though its a new IP i think drive club is gonna be amazing

KwietStorm1342d ago

Well this is early 2014 right now. Summer is not.

Meltic1342d ago

sony you cant release a console without a proper game coming out on release. Damn those delay's .. :(

KwietStorm1342d ago

There's a fine selection of "proper" games. It's just people on the internet in this era of gaming focus on exclusives exclusives exclusives or bust, so nothing else matters.

SoulSercher6201342d ago

Yeah how dare they not rush a game out before it's finished. /s.

tigertron1342d ago

I'd like to know what your definition of a "proper" game is.

Meltic1342d ago

My definition of a proper game isnt just graphic like killzone shadow fall. Its the story line. Killzone was a short as game. But AC black flag was longer and felt mor alive than killzone. My proper game is AC black flag etc. meaby Watch dogs an open World game. Not run to an objectiv and shoot and repeat. Thats boring. So finally proper game is open World, great story and graphic...

SixtyNine1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Infamous second sons is tempting me to purchase my PS4 earlier than I want to.

Right now, there's nothing worth it at the moment, in my opinion

Ripsta7th1342d ago

What drew me into next gen so fast was bf4 64 player co quedt and how beautiful it looks on the ps4. I respect your opinion though but the games will come soon. Driveclub might be here by the end of feb

admiralvic1342d ago

Anyone else read this article and fail to get the point? I understand that they got some games they wanted from Plus and didn't buy anything, but I ultimately read that as the writer being an idiot.

Don't get me wrong, you can have whatever opinion you want, but why buy a PlayStation 4 if you don't want anything from it? You can still purchase the free Plus games to play later and the PlayStation 4 will either go down in cost or will be bundled by the Holiday season (some rumors suggest as early as inFAMOUS SS). So in a lot of ways, I read this article as the writer saying he paid $400 dollars to play Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve and Outlast. Maybe someone else might think this is money well spent, but I wouldn't say any of them are day 1 MSRP console good.

Irishguy951342d ago

What else has he got to play? The reason I haven't bought a Ps4 yet is the reason you are saying he's an idiot. Killzone and Knack suck. Why buy them? He got a Ps4 for the games that are coming out on it. To call him an idiot is to call all early adopter idiots. The rest of the games are last gen games.

YellowTempes1342d ago

Killzone is super-fun, what are you talking about?

MasterCornholio1342d ago

What's wrong with playing AC4 in glorious 1080P at a rock solid 30FPS?

You act like the PS3 version of the game is worth playing over the PS4 version of the game. In my opinion the PS3 version is garbage compared to the PS4 version and the game looks and plays great for a last gen title.

Studio-YaMi1342d ago

Or maybe(HERE'S A THOUGHT!),maybe Killzone and Knack actually ARE awesome games that these early buyers(such as me) are having fun playing since their opinion in games differ from your sh*tty opinion,"idiot"!

HarryMasonHerpderp1342d ago

Killzone gets a lot of undeserved hate.
I had a great time with it, sure it has its flaws but I enjoyed the story, change of locations and the OWL is an awesome idea.

DanielGearSolid1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Or are you basing this on reviews you've seen online?

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DragonKnight1342d ago

You know, just once, I would love for a new console to come out and everyone listen to people with the opinion "you shouldn't buy a new console right away, wait X amount of months until the games come out."

Then, the console will fail before said games come out and the people saying that can see how stupid they were when there isn't a new console to play games on anymore because the financial burden couldn't be at least partially made up by early adopters who have faith in what will come.

XtraTrstrL1342d ago

I wouldn't have bought a game yet either if it wasn't for my nephew(the only person I know personally that also owns a PS4). He bought COD: Ghosts, which I promised myself before getting the PS4 I wouldn't get because I was done with COD and how they don't care about consumers and don't optimize their repetitive formula for platforms other than Xbox. I knew it'd be annoying trying to get him to join in on games like Blacklight: Retribution or whatever tho, so I went ahead and bought COD reluctantly. Ofcourse it has the same issues it had in past iterations on PS3, it performs badly, doesn't even look up to par with 1st wave of next gen titles, and doesn't even have higher player counts or anything that could explain why it has such performance issues. Whatever though, hopefully the games will start rolling out soon.

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