Unity Support Arrives on PlayStation Vita

After just recently requesting PS Mobile developers send in their submissions, support for the powerful development tool Unity has officially launched for PlayStation Vita. As of today Unity developers who tote a licensed developer agreement from Sony Computer Entertainment are now able to set up their games for Sony’s handheld.

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DanielGearSolid1645d ago

What kind of game are you working on?

Eonjay1645d ago

RPG. Oldschool. I created my own 2D engine but I really want to recreate it in 3D and I have a ton of Unity Assets.

JoySticksFTW1645d ago

I actually miss 2D rpgs, but I hope you get to make the game the way you really want it to be and it's a success.

360ICE1645d ago

Awesome! If you haven't already, IndieDB.

360ICE1645d ago

Should be massively important.

jocelot1645d ago

there will be full vita support!
"Developers with a licensed developer agreement from SCE for PS Vita will now be able to deploy their game to PS Vita via the Unity engine and make use of platform-specific functionality including:

Motion sensors
Front and rear cameras
Dual analog sticks
Rear Touch pad
Furthermore, Unity for PS Vita will enable you to integrate the full suite of PSN features into your game, including Trophies, Friends and Matching functionality into your game."

nidhogg1645d ago

One of the most powerful development tool from the mobile front has finally arrived to the world's most powerful handheld. This will be a boost.

Elronza1645d ago

While I am glad more games are on the way to the PS Vita as I am an early adopter of a 3G PS Vita. The PS Vita is nowhere close to being the most powerful handheld when the Wikipad JXD7800 and others like my Nvidia Shield are vastly more powerful!