Four Video Game Genres That Need to Make a Comeback

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Of all the changes that occur within the video game industry, the shift in interest of genres is often the most interest to think about. The nature of what makes one genre more popular than the other or causes certain genres to become largely ignores is a fascinating topic that can be addressed from many angles."

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Drithe1561d ago

I long for the Tactics games. But they will be super rare on consoles. IF they don't sell 5 million copies companies don't want to make them. Its is why I support companies who support the little games like this. Sony being the main one.

rextraordinaire1561d ago

Tactical RPGs?

There's been no shortage of that, thanks to N.I.S.

Ripco_Keller1561d ago

Be nice to have some TRPG's that weren't made with the kawaii art style, and took themselves seriously, and used voice actors that didn't grate little shavings off of my spine whenever I listen to them.

Hicken1561d ago

Pretty much. The genre was never that big in the first place, and is as big now as it's ever been.

Simco8761561d ago

Adventure games? lol the days of amazing graphics is over. I mean a ton of games can pump out Myst type graphics while actually moving beyond point and click puzzles.

Switch Tactical RPGs and Adventure.

webeblazing1561d ago

I'm guessing they are talking about genre on consoles because its no shortage of them on PC. Maybe more shoot em up games like mercenaries but there's been a lot of the rest.

kalkano1561d ago

Tactical/Strategic RPGs, and turn-based RPGs are a MUST.

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