42 Big PS4 Games of 2014 Montage

IGN - PS4's 2014 catalog of games is growing by the day. What are you looking forward to?

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mo2411558d ago

Lol let's see how this turns out today.
*grabs popcorn*

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1558d ago

People stay grabbin popcorn on n4g lol.

Why do people keep saying kingdom hearts 3 is coming out this year? FFXV isn't even sure to come out this year, though I hope to heaven it does.

mmc-0071558d ago

true but xbox one has even less ;)

mo2411557d ago

it's a fact xbox has more aaa games. Not them indie games I am talking about. maybe in the future, but now for sure xbox has more games. Hey I don't like it either.

ABizzel11558d ago


I think that was exactly the point of this montage.

MysticStrummer1558d ago

Probably so. I found the "PS4 has no games" comments on here to be quite comical given what happened last generation, so it's good to see a video like this.

MysticStrummer1558d ago

Actually some people on here say it. It made me laugh last gen and it makes me laugh this gen.

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LordMaim1558d ago

Ironically, the video maxes out at 720p. Talk about misrepresentation.

skydragoonity1558d ago

Ps4 is the ultimate gamers choice

Utalkin2me1558d ago

Pretty excited about 2014 and what PS is bringing for games.

snookiegamer1558d ago

Nice to see so many future purchases. My bank balance is going to hurt when I buy my PS4 at the end of 2014.

I'm so looking forward to E3 14 and Gamescom 14 :)))

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