Media Create software sales (1/6 - 1/12)

Check out the latest Japanese software sales from Japan.

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1500d ago
Geobros1500d ago

Kirby looks just amazing...

brewin1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Holy crap the 3ds is ridiculously dominant in these charts every week. If only Nintendo would support the Wii U as well as they do the 3ds... If they would just make HD versions of the popular 3ds titles then implement cross buy ala Sony, the Wii U would sell like crazy too.

Geobros1500d ago

Haha!! Your ideal looks not bad but I think that the problem is the 3rd party companies which support more 3DS than Wii U.

brewin1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

If the 3ds lineup were made available in HD on the Wii U there wouldnt be a 3rd party issue because those games would help the system sell. 3rd parties wont support the wii U because there isnt enough of an install base of gamers that those companies can sell to. More sold Wii U's = more 3rd party support.

Ubisoft gives the Wii U good support and their titles sell pretty well on the system. Last I checked, Rayman Legends sold significantly more on the U than the other platforms. 3rd party relations are not a lost cause on the Wii U, they're just waiting it out before they commit to anything. Im pretty confident Nintendo will right the ship in 2014, possibly setting up for some good support down the road.

And with as much time and resources next gen development is using up, dont be surprised to find the Wii U become a safe bet for a lot of publishers once their titles dont make them any money on the other systems. There is a ton of indie support coming for the Wii U and thats where all the innovation is taking place right now. The Xbone and Ps4 are going to depend on Indies too because people are getting fed up with just playing prettier versions of the same games year after year. Raw power and pretty graphics mean squat if it doesnt open up totally new ideas and gameplay possibilities.