Story DLC Is Great But Not Always Beneficial To A Game

An opinion piece via eGamer in which the author lists and discusses various story DLC packs for recent games, and highlights times when they either work or don't work, within the relevant games.

Quote: "Some games are better off without story DLC. Others have universes that work well with it. This is just the way of the world and if we could all afford it, I’m sure we’d play every single story DLC we could, for every game we own. But what if it ended up dulling our initial experience of whatever game? Or what if, by the end of it, we were left realising that it didn’t really add anything substantial and we only really played it because we wanted more of that game? "

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Eonjay1590d ago

Those two girls look like they have been through it.

OT: This story DLC will be great and I look forward to the depression sure to follow...spoilers: it doesn't end well :(

JimmyHACK1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Don't know if it dulls the story any but one bad thing stands out. We have had 2 high profile games in the last year sell us season passes day 1 with the promise of 1 story for the single player portion. Both of these taking 8 months - 1 year to deliver. As much as I enjoy more content for my games and will enjoy both of these examples, I can't help but feel that all of this production effort could have been better suited to the developers next initiatives instead.

Not to mention the other elements like how most people won't even enjoy this and have moved on from the games long ago.

Rhezin1589d ago

nope not me, been waiting for this DLC for awhile. Once they market it a bit more and finally release it, people will be ALL over it no doubt.