Battlefield 4 Incoming Xbox One Game Update - Patch Notes

Dice has started rolling out a new Battlefield 4 update for the Xbox One. This patch includes various fixes for improving the general stability, sound loop crash fix, balancing issues and reduced the risk of single player campaign save file becoming corrupt.

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creeping judas1528d ago

Good, I always hated being killed by the enemy and knowing I had damaged him, but the health was still showing 100. Now if the patch would only make me a better player, I would be very happy.

ThanatosDMC1528d ago

They all ready made the auto-aim snap closer to the body. Just tilt it a little bit up to the direction of the head and you'll do massive dmg. Works with sniper rifles as well. Doesnt work well with pistols though.

gedden71528d ago

I guess we still have to wait to make parties...???

famoussasjohn1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

That won't be coming. They've made it very clear it won't be coming as it wasn't up to their standards according to them. (I do agree it had it's flaws, sometimes it would put your friend on the enemy team, or just not work.) So instead of having any sort of party system, you get to race against other players to get into a game with your friends. Think of it as a mini game in the game.

n4rc1528d ago

There is no avoiding that imo

Team balancing will generally not allow 2-3 people to join the same team.

gedden71528d ago

The mind of a broken gamer... I'm sorry bro and I mean no offensive but GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUTT... Why are we excepting mediocrity???

Parties have been possible before and are possible now so why aren't making a big deal about this??? Why are game reviewers not talking about this??? We make so easy for these devs to sell us garbage. Ea/Dice is getting sued for this and I hope they get the max penalties possible and even more. But you broken gamers just bend over and take it and not only take it but learn to enjoy it... Give me a break!

famoussasjohn1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

gedden7 - I had already purchased the game to see that this feature was removed. I prefer the previous method used in BF3.

EA is being sued for releasing a game that wasn't finished, not because they removed features.

The only real option to know if a game published under EA is to wait and see what happens. I was expecting bugs since it's DICE, but I didn't expect the amount of game breaking bugs, especially since the beta ran better than the final build of the game.

n4rc1527d ago

I've never played any game with a server browser that doesn't throw friends on the other team now and then..

P2p games can just find the perfect lobby.. But if your picking a server that's 15v15 and your 4 man party wants to join.. 19v15 isn't promoting fair gameplay

But more obviously.. Say you see a 17/20 server and have 2 friends with you.. Unless those teams are currently 10v7 then you aren't playing together..

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DoesUs1528d ago ShowReplies(1)
cyclindk1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

"reduce the risk..." mind boggling (PS4 user here).... how in the [email protected]##*&@#*$&*@#&!! ! those imbeciles ever screwed up saving a freaking game and not having it be deleted....

Talk about just screwing the pooch royally on this game.

Not that the single player is at all significant in this particular franchise... but the very fact that something so basic was so considerably given the shaft, very very sad.

I mean god, I will never buy another CoD game because of what's become of that franchise, choices about how it plays not so much glitchiness, and am considering giving up on Battlefield after the BF4 debacle. Do these devs/publishers really think their poor choices will have no ramifications at all?

Mega241528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Dice had no choice but to released an unfinished game, an employee, anonymously said that the game wasn't even ready for release, it still needed about 6 months of work. But EA was on their butts, saying that they needed to beat CoD to release, so we got this crappy unfinished game because ea wanted to beat Activison.

Pogue19061528d ago

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is better. Its a "The Division" starter kit

Detoxx1528d ago

No. Resogun is clearly better. /s