Remedy wants to shatter the line between games and TV with Quantum Break

Edge :

"The ’90s have a great deal to answer for, not least the imposition of terrible live-action cutscenes on videogames. Despite the technical advances since, FMV has never shaken off the negative connotations it earned during the time of 3DO, CD-i and Mega-CD.

But Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment has been quietly working away on its own FMV rebranding exercise for more than a decade, slipping live-action sequences into its film- and television-inspired games alongside rendered cutscenes. Quantum Break is the culmination of its experiments in storytelling."

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Eonjay1469d ago

I find the general concept to be interesting. It wants to be a TV show and a game. It needs to be done with care otherwise it might not be good at either. "Shatter the line between games and TV" sounds like a TV show where you effect the outcome of the characters in the narrative. Also, TV show are episodic. What does that mean for this game?

The concept was introduced as a game with a Live TV tie in. The events of the show were said to effect events in the game which would be the opposite of the situation I listed above... so yeah I'm a little confused. Will all the content for the entire show be recorded and aired along with the show or will a slice be revealed each week?

That would be very interesting. You could play part of the game, watch the episode, come back next week to continue on the next episode/chunk of gameplay. I am very interested because I don't understand it and I want to. Any thoughts?

nategrigs1469d ago

I understand it as episodic TV shows functioning as very long cutscenes. You play through a level and unlock an episode.

Didn't we just have this article?

4logpc1469d ago

You unlock content after missions. No waiting

ExCest1469d ago

Didn't(Isn't) Defiance (currently) try(ing) to do that?

Anyone know if that worked out for them?

Eonjay1469d ago

I'm not sure how they faired but I will do some research. On another note, if Star Wars has taught us anything, its that high quality episodic content can be very expensive. (And its live action on top of that.) I wonder if this will require a subscriptions to get the full content. Remedy says they couldn't do it without Microsoft so I imagine Microsoft will soften the financial blow by producing content in-house via Microsoft Studios.

Ausbo1469d ago

Remedy is very innovative with thier games. Even though alan wake was good, they can do a lot better. Itm hope they knock it out with this one

-Foxtrot1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I don't understand thats what their goal was with Alan Wake and in my opinion with the way they had levels as "episodes" like a TV series it kind of worked in my opinion

I don't see why they are setting themselves a goal they've already set in Alan Wake

I'm really excited for this game but after the cliff hanger ending I'd rather of seen Alan Wake 2.. It's like Valve announcing a Half Life game but instead of Half Life 3 it's a spin off.

snookiegamer1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )


Alan Wake is another MS Studios unoriginal/copied concept.

Siren - Blood Curse (PS3 2008) did the whole episodic TV show thing way before Remedy even received the green light from MS for Alan Wake (360 2010). Don't get me wrong Alan Wake is a decent game, I completed it. But it's just another example of MS lack of innovation. MS are reluctant to try new things, 7 Halo games compared to 3 Uncharted Games?

I won't beat up on Quantum Break, because I like these types of games. I'm interested to see how it all pans out. But, it's hardly the genre defining original concept MS lead us to believe.

MS are geniuses at expertly making other peoples ideas seem their own. Over marketing or trumpeting genre defining babble to the masses does not mean MS invented the wheel.

coolbeans1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Well, Alan Wake had been announced as early as 2005, and post-mortem interviews always bring up their inspirations for TV shows and trying to capture that with an episodic format so you're getting the wrong idea by bringing up MS to begin with. It was originally just a concept by Remedy that MS decided to invest in after being shown to the public.

Even if we're to go by who released their game first with this TV-like storytelling format, Lost: Via Domus released months before Siren: Blood Curse so there's that. Heck, TellTale went all out on the concept back in the day with Sam & Max: Save The World (2006-2007) by having one of those six episodes released monthly.

starchild1469d ago

You're so biased and, frankly, wrong.

And as for your 7 Halo games vs 3 Uncharted games...what a load of crap.
There was Halo 3, Halo ODST (spin off), Halo Reach and Halo 4 last generation. So 3 main Halo FPSs and one smaller spin off. Sony released Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3 and Uncharted Golden Abyss. No real difference.

mmc-0071469d ago

funny how everyone was beating beyond two souls for being in that genre.

Fishy Fingers1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Bit different, this seems to have traditional gameplay when your in control. Beyond certainly didn't. But I must admit, with all the comments it seems like MS have their David Cage.

mmc-0071469d ago

there isn't really any gameplay footage to say it gives you more control, it does look the same script wise. paranormal human with special powers, your actions change the story.. etc.

GentlemenRUs1469d ago

I know right... The hell is wrong with some people, Like come on now...

AceBlazer131469d ago

shhh, let them frolic in the hypocrisy

starchild1469d ago

No hypocrisy there that I see.

Look, I like Quantic Dreams games a lot. I have completely Heavy Rain and am working on Beyond: Two Souls.

But there is a major difference. Quantic's games are controlled through quick time events, whereas Remedy's games have always been action games. Quantum Break will probably be an action game whose story interweaves with tv episodes.

snookiegamer1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Lulz so it's okay to blur the lines of video-games and TV shows, but damn the man who wants to make video-games more cinematic/movie like with storytelling?

Don't harp on about the controls, as I can see already Quantum Break will have QTE's and long cutscenes.

David Cage was criticised heavily....but hey, it's MS studios, so I guess the concept is 'Interesting' now?

That's why it's important 'serious gamers' experience stuff for themselves. Don't follow the fanboy hypocrite brigade that will scream 'Foul!!' because certain titles/experiences were/are not available on their chosen hardware!

Well, at least MS (finally) wants to take risks, instead of sitting back and watching the gaming landscape.

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