GameTrailers: Killzone 2 SCEE PlayStation Day Trailer (Direct Feed)

Here's the direct feed trailer from the PlayStation Day event.

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TheEndzor3575d ago

Absolutely amazing

This game has now set the bar even higher for graphics

alexM3575d ago

e3 2005 trailer SURPASSED no doubt

atcsharp3575d ago

I dont like how its blurry. Might be one of the issues of why it keeps getting pushed back so much. Colors are very dull too.

Maddens Raiders3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I just want something comparable to the Park Terminal & the Beach to play in MP, as those were two of the most played and fun levels in KILLZONE (Southern Hills and the Slums were great runner ups too).

I'm telling you....if there's anything close to the Park Terminal in KZII that looks like this......I may be the first person in world history to [-----------deleted----------- ] shotguns.

masterg3575d ago

KZ2 is now back in the lead over Resistance 2.
Who knows, in 3-4 months Resistance might take the lead again.
All I know is I'm getting them both on day one.

resistance1003575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

After watching it in HD i now can say the E3 2005 trailer has been surpassed.

2009 will be a great year with this, Final Fantasy 13, God Of War III and Twisted Metal Ps3 all coming out, and theres going to be even more than that.

jahcure3575d ago

All i gotta say is wow. I am highly critical of games and this one had me having doubts. But really now....WOW!

Kaneda3575d ago

I guess Sony didn't lie after all...

rawg3575d ago

I now have to change my pants


resistance1003575d ago

I've only just noticed it since watching the HD trailer, the sight (white cross where gun is pointing), turns Red when you are over an enemy and Green when over your own team

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The story is too old to be commented.