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"Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance took a brand new take on the MGS series last year on consoles and is now available for PC enthusiasts. It ramps up the action to an all new level and stars the sword wielding specialist Raiden." -BootHammer

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kraideral1559d ago

Yes, the same score we gave it back when it first released on consoles. It is a great game, with a very cool mechanic like the Zandatsu. I want a sequel, hear me Konami?

Hellsvacancy1559d ago

Me on the other hand couldn't play it, it was mental, pure chaos on screen, explosions and gunfire everywhere, it was insane, my dopey couldn't take it, I could only imagine what would happen to someones brain who took LCD whilst playing MGR, Scanners would happen (head explodes)

I was the same with Vanquish, although I did finish it, i've still got MGR on my PS3 (PS+) don't think i'll got back to it

BootHammer1559d ago

LOL, it can definitely get crazy!

BootHammer1559d ago

The definitive version with all the DLC for $30. Can't miss on this one.