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Grand Theft Auto IV With Mods Rendered At 4K Looks Truly Magnificent

GearNuke: "Next Generation craze also started with 4K resolution on PC. While it is not easy to run at 4K resolution, especially after the addition of resource heavy mods like these, the result can often look stunning." (Grand Theft Auto IV, PC)

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DanielGearSolid  +   282d ago
Holy Jesus
chrissx  +   282d ago
Looks really good but the characters still look like plastic dolls
AndroidVageta  +   282d ago
Only thing that's keeping GTA IV from being the most realistic looking game EVER are the crappy character models. We have new car models, completely new textures, completely new post processing with ENB/iCEnhancer, better vehicle handling, etc, etc, etc...but NOPE! Character models MUST stay exactly the same.

Now granted you can change the models I guess...but there's no full on pack to do so nor are there normal pedestrian models.

Either way, still an awesome game. I personally play it daily myself even after all these years. Online MP is tits!
Thefreeman012  +   282d ago
I never really got into gta 4 like I have gta 5.. not sure why though
Patrick_pk44  +   282d ago
Because IV eventually became boring and had nothing else then the main missions
Kleptic  +   282d ago
GTA V was a much better game imo...i went back and played all of GTAIV and all DLC the month leading up to GTA V...

IV was impressive in creating and impressive fictional city...it felt like a real city...

but gameplay wise...it fell short in nearly every area...driving was bad, mission structure was never that great, and very repetitive towards the 2nd half of the game...the story, though, was good enough to stay interested (far from the 'best story in any video game' or whatever it was touted to be at release...

GTA V fixes every single one of those issues...recreating a fake southern California is just as impressive as NYC was (i did miss the major downtown sections of LC, though)...and V brings back some of the wildness of older GTA games that i missed...but the missions are better, the layout out of objectives and things to do is far better, etc...

only complaint with GTA V overall was that you're still too weak as a character...you can get some crazy weapons and raise hell, but you'll get cut to pieces in seconds if you don't exploit an area that funnels cops in towards you...i know there are cheats to use...but i kind of wish after you beat the game there is just an option to turn health 'off' or something haha...
someoneagain6  +   282d ago
> there's no full on pack to do so nor are there normal pedestrian models.

Codewow  +   282d ago
I can only imagine what modders will do to GTA V if (when) it releases on PC.
JsonHenry  +   282d ago
It is coming to PC. No worries there. Every major GTA tends to make it to PC sooner or later.
listenkids   282d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
The_Truth_24_7  +   282d ago
The game is still crap.

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