J-Stars Victory Versus - Hisoka, Aizen & Toguro to be revealed in V-Jump?

ShonenGameZ tries to decipher the identity of the three Silhouette characters in recent scans. Could the three characters be Hisoka, Aizen, and Toguro?

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HystericalGamez1590d ago

They've been adding in these Silhouettes and from what we can see, these are the most likely candidates for these characters!

FogLight1590d ago

Indeed they are. I, along my friend, were worried about not seeing much from the villains in the game. Good thing they listened and added the good ones. I seriously hope this is going to be a great game

jukins1590d ago

The more I read/see about this game the more I can't wait to play. Since its doubtful it will release in the west I'm all ready for import.