Call of Duty: Ghosts Tips and Tricks - Marksman Rifles

MWEB GameZone's Holden ZA is here to give you the competitive advantage with his Tip & Tricks series. Today we are talking about Marksman Rifles, so get ready to receive your briefing on some of the best guns in the game.

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Sillicur1500d ago

Yet again, awesome tips!

HanCilliers1500d ago

Gear article. Marksman Rifles have always been a favorite of mine

FoxTC1500d ago

Great article, I really need to play this more, I'm half way through the campaign and I've played multi-player for no more than an hour (not enough time to get into it) my initial feeling was that the maps looked amazing but were too big and there seemed to be too many snipers camping.

I'm focused on Forza 5 and Mario 3D World at the moment. So much to play so little time.

DesVader1500d ago

The campaign is worth finishing. Might be some things that COD gets wrong, but they certainly get the single player campaigns to be fun and interesting.