Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13 "Kaiasu Ballad" Trailer

Square has released a brand new trailer for Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13 titled the "Kaiasu Ballad" game.

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Tales RPG addict1526d ago

Hey Caius.
King Gaius of Rieze Maxia has come to challenge you, along with the Spirit Muzet who made a weapon that can tear open a hole in space and time.

Elda1526d ago

I do want to play this game but I've been reading some not so good things about it,I did play the demo which was fun but that timer thing is discouraging me which is what some reviewers were disgruntled about,I'm hoping the reviews are positive.

NautilusXIII1525d ago

You can stop the timer for a period of time with a ability that Lightning gets early in the game. Highly recommended to use every chance you get.

1526d ago