Mobile gaming still to reach saturation point

With an overall percentage growth of 115%, mobile is indeed "eating the world". But how did mobile gaming fare in 2013?

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schmoe1556d ago

115% growth! Sheesh!!

HoldenZA1556d ago

I feel like the next huge game will come from mobile. The market it can reach is just astronomical.

HanCilliers1556d ago

It is hey, but the mobile market has a very different gamer audience than traditional gaming does

Choc_Salties1556d ago

It may be eating the world, but im still waiting for the Startrek singularity where tablets as ubiquitous as PADD's are there...

Oh wait, I think we're there already...

Team_Litt1556d ago

Most gamers, or rather hardcore gamers, doubted the impact mobile gaming would have on handheld gaming and the industry at large. 3 years later and even Sony themselves have admitted that handhelds have taken a beaten from mobile.

HanCilliers1556d ago

Well said, I think a lot of hardcore gamers still look down on mobile gaming.

DesVader1556d ago

Its not suprising, the quality of games is improving exponentially given that the devices are getting faster and faster with better processors. At the same time, the costs of mobile devices, with even entry level tablets being capable of playing decent games, makes it an attractive gaming option for casual gamers. On the "hardcore" side, the gaming companies have been very clever to intergrate these 2nd screen devices into games (.e.g BF4 Commander mode), helping promote mobile gaming even more.

HanCilliers1556d ago

These days every big release comes with a mobile app! The cheap price of mobile games and the ease of play has made it a favorite of many games - more importantly though, it made gamers out of non gamers