Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

Psychologists believe that practice of a task that requires an ability tends to improve it. For example: Since solving jigsaw puzzles requires visual discrimination, it’s likely that frequently playing with them will improve this ability. Video games are tasks that involve different abilities. They require paying attention to different targets, suppressing distractors, keeping information in memory, executing complex motor procedures and the use of various problem solving and even social skills. A considerable amount of people dedicate part of their free time to playing video games. Usually more than enough time for practice to affect their cognitive abilities. So, potentially, games could improve your intelligence. But, is there any evidence that support this statement?

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Eonjay1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Yes they can!
Check out this video from TED. She breaks in down very nicely and explains how we a species needing to solve problems can gain from gaming. Turns out video games will save the world!

GarrusVakarian1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I don't know about you guys, but i can't even form comprehensible sentences until ive played a videogame. As soon as i play BF4 i feel like im being bathed intelligence.

Thanks videogames!

The Great Melon1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

A long string of profanity isn't quite a comprehensible sentence. But then again if we are to believe Aristotle genius comes in hand with a mixture of madness. =P

darthv721648d ago

My youngest son had ADHD and video games actually give him something to focus on and really concentrate. It is actually improving his cognitive skills and eye to hand coordination.

his reading comprehension has improved 10 fold due to the amount of content he would have to focus on while playing a rpg or other type of game requiring quick thinking to solve a problem.

So while many would say games are bad, there is some good that can come from playing them.

monkey nuts1648d ago

There's a game you can play online that has been developed by scientists that claims to improve your I.Q., backed up by fancy statistics and everything. It's called "the dual and back" and you can find it here: I'm now up into double figures!

xHeavYx1648d ago

Yes, unless you play COD. That's as bad for your brain as listening to a Justin Biever song

gazgriff2k121647d ago

hell yeah. i also like how games explore myths, conspiracy theories, occult, religion, ancient history and more. take mass effect for example that's got lots crammed into its fiction

My_precious1648d ago

i don't think so, video game does make your reflect become quicker but to be smart you have no choice but study

moujahed1648d ago

Depends on the game bro... RPG's and strategies have highly enhanced my problem solving skills over the years.

ShoryuSwordsman1648d ago

Studying doesnt make you smarter. Just more knowledgable. All you're doing is intaking information.Studying doesn't require problem-solving skills, reflexes, etc, only needs memory. So i beg to differ.

moujahed1648d ago

My vocabulary grew from playing RPG's and my hand eye coordination is remarkable... so yes it can.

SegaGamer1648d ago

Same here. I have RPG's to thank for the choice of words i now use when speaking.