Mysterious e-mail from Activision

An e-mail with a subject of "Aller guten Dinge sind drei" which means "All good things come in three" by Activision, rasies question marks.

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core_51349d ago

this is just a mistake, it´s a PR about "Skylanders SWAP Force: Aller guten Dinge sind drei‏"

"Die neuen SWAP-Charaktere Spy Rise, Stink Bomb und Rubble Rouser sind ab sofort bundesweit erhältlich" reads the email.

No Sensation here!

TAURUS-5551348d ago

its another call of duty

WeAreLegion1348d ago


It actually says, "You're fired. Tell Treyarch they're fired, too. Much love!"

TheFallenAngel1348d ago

All good things come in three? hmmn sounds like Half Life 3 confirmed to me.

iiorestesii1348d ago

Ummmmm? I'm leaning towards black ops.....yaaaaaa

Reverent1348d ago

Fallen was clearly joking.

Tony-Red-Grave1348d ago

And it rhymes so you must be right.... HL3 is coming :O

Deadpoolio1348d ago

You spelled Black Ops 3 wrong....Which is what it's probably talking about....Aside from the fact that this everything equals Half life 3 confirmed is so over used and tired ...It's been beaten raped, buried in the ground dug back up raped, passed to a buddy to rape then buried again in the core of the earth its been that over used

liquidhalos1348d ago

Or they decided that 1 cod a year isnt enough, were now getting one every 3 months

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Eonjay1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Black Ops III

Final Answer.

MW, MW2, MW3
BO, BO2, ...

Shows over folks.

WeAreLegion1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

It can't be. They said "good things".

Edit: Many people do love it. I enjoyed 1, 2, MW, and MW2, personally. I was just going for the easy joke. ;)

Jovanian 1348d ago

The black ops series is actually pretty good as far as cod goes

Soldierone1348d ago

I got a random survey from them, it bluntly asked "do you plan to buy an Xbox One" and that was pretty much it lol

CELLA1348d ago

i have a xbox one and its best console right now

Soldierone1348d ago

Didn't mean anything negative about it. It literally asked if I plan to buy one lol, then it asked which COD's I owner and for what platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.