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Call of Duty:Ghosts - Beavers Review

Italian webcomic Beavers.it wrote:"No one will disturb me while I am here to tell you about the most beautiful game in history" (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS4) 10/10

Credit url: beavers.it
ape007  +   442d ago
Beavers  +   442d ago
have you understand the comic strip?:D
grahf  +   441d ago
I'm sure there is a lot lost in translation, just like your post, but I don't think a lot of the folks here get it...
Hyper_Tension140  +   441d ago
Pffff....pwahahahahaha!!!XD 10/10 now that's funny.
grahf  +   441d ago
I'd totally give the board game a 10/10. Brand new engine, action packed, you can take it camping... Brilliant!
Boody-Bandit  +   441d ago
IMHO Ghost has the worst multi player maps of the series. How you can rate this a 10/10 boggles my mind. At best it's a 7.5.
grahf  +   441d ago
You've officially been trolled by a random Italian webcomic. Congrats!
Hyper_Tension140  +   441d ago
I knew it.....this isn't the first time someone gave COD Ghost a 10 just for hits.

If COD Ghost is a 10 than gaming is dead.
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ape007  +   441d ago
agreed 100%, 7.5 feels right, the maps are uninspired and disjointed
XtraTrstrL  +   441d ago
The performance on PS4 alone doesn't allow it to get anywhere near a 10/10. Everytime someone drops a grenade there's framerate issues. I really thought they were gonna put a little effort into it this time, with all the talk of how easy the PS4 is to develop on, but no. They just threw the sloppy 360 code at every other platform again. It makes it worse when you realize the graphics aren't even up to 1st wave of nextgen standards, and the playercount isn't even increased. PS4 should eat it up and spit it out at 60+ frames without a hitch, it just goes to show how bad their coding and crappy engine really is.
grahf  +   441d ago
I honestly can't believe you guys are tying to have a serious discussion about how bad Ghosts is STILL. And on this joke review. The numbers are arbitrary, they could have given it banana out of potato and you people would STILL bemoan the game. It's not good. This review by the way points it out. Granted it's translated, but the message is loud and clear.

This year's iteration is the worst so far, plain and simple. Drop it. And out of stars, goodnight, folks!

And my browser on my iPhone is getting straight up trolled by Riley the dog. -50 DKP for Ghosts! I'm Going to try to update/edit later, it won't let me add the SS I took.
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Play2Win  +   441d ago
mother of god!

10/10 seriously?
grahf  +   441d ago
Yes seriously. You too can have a satirical website with web comics about parrots and post arbitrary scores on games if you just had the ambition.
Goro  +   441d ago
I thought the same when i seen TLOU reviews.
Avernus  +   441d ago
Is this satire? :D
GentlemenRUs  +   441d ago
It has to be... Otherwise I've lost faith in the gaming community...
James Vanderbeek  +   441d ago
my ps4 games and reviews.

Cod = 7.5
Ass creed = havent played it enough
BF4= 9 online is addicting minus the bugs
nba 2k = 8.5
Summons75  +   441d ago
meanwhile every other reviews gave it low score...

Too little too late Cod defense force, your days are numbered. Have fun paying 15$ for your maps they are calling 'new'.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   440d ago
I only pay $6.25 per map pack. Doesn't seem so expensive.
Summons75  +   440d ago
How do you full that off when they sell them for 15$ each or all for 50... Unless your talking about a sale years after release which doesnt countbecause that game would be old by a year ortwo. I've also never seen them on sale for that low maybe 10 but that's the lowest.
T87   441d ago | Spam
respect-sony  +   441d ago
how much $ ?
Beavers  +   441d ago
I hope that Activision will have the same reaction of the most of you guys! So our collaboration can continue....:P
Kudos for @grahf!
Matt666  +   440d ago
Wow some one clearly sucks off Activision, he probably one of these kids who also thinks Ali-a is great etc. I really do think humanity is getting worse when people give a copy and paste game 10/10 etc
Sizzon  +   440d ago
"No one will disturb me while I am here to tell you about the most beautiful game in history"

Hahahahahhahahhah, can't stop laughing!
Jzot11  +   440d ago
It feels like this review should have been coming with a disclaimer:

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