Unfinished DayZ sells a million copies

Indie game, DayZ has sold a millions copies. MWEB GameZone columnist, Zaid Kriel, notes what a remarkable achievement that is, considering every purchaser knows that the game is broken.

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DesVader1674d ago

There are so many "unifinshed" games appearing on Steam at the moment, its like a trend. DayZ is far from the trend leader in this respect, but they are showing that people will buy an unfinished game...I suppose Microsoft taught us well getting us to essentially Beta their products until service pack 1 :) (ok but I still like them too).

majiebeast1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I find it funny everybody bitches about microtransactions and dlc but some of these same people have no problem paying x amount for a game in alpha. People are willing to pay to be a beta tester, Q&A is a thing of the past, no wonder EA sold BF4 in beta people were gonna buy it anyway.

lord zaid1674d ago

But the key difference here, between your Battlefield 4 example and these alphas, is the buyers know what they are getting into. There was no false expectations. It's a subtle distinction, but it makes a huge difference in the mind of the consumer.

Fishy Fingers1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Green light is about "sponsoring" games that would likely never make gold without the funding.

The originality and variety on offer dwarfs what you find coming from the larger studios. Green light is helping usher in the next generation of game developers, for the health of the industry and early access I'm happy to risk losing a few £££.

Your not forced to buy anything.

Choc_Salties1674d ago

Escapist Magazine's Jimquisition also did a piece on the rampant unfinished game trend happening on Steam at the moment. Minecraft made it popular, now everyone is doing it, except they did it very cheap at the start and made or more expensive closer to, and at, release; still reasonably priced even at release if you take in all the joy and entertainment it provides

I get the 80/20 rule in software development, but this is getting ridiculous, and the pricing for an unfinished title is also just monstrous. Minecraft did a nice pricing tier thing, but these guys are just slapping it down hard, a good example was Planetary Annihilation on Steam recently, THE spiritual successor for Total Annihilation; after Kickstarter money, early access on Steam was being charged at 90-120 dollars. Final release pricing is expected to be in the 40-60 dollar range

Some free-2-play models have been abusing this as well - Mechwarrior Online comes to mind with its pre-release pricing on mechs like the Project Phoenix series - spend $120 and get the full set as they become available. AND PEOPLE BUY THIS STUFF!

bryam19821674d ago

when is this game coming to ps4? sony make it happen asap

HomerJDog1674d ago

sounds like these days every game is released in beta (bf4) but at least dayz tells you its in beta