Call of Duty: Ghosts is getting new Onslaught DLC pack. Should you care?

Games in Asia: "It’s not clear when non-Xbox gamers can expect access to the Onslaught DLC pack, or how much the thing will cost. But given that the game’s Season Pass (which gives access to all 4 planned DLC packs at a $10 discount) will run you $50, it seems safe to assume that Onslaught will cost at least $15 if purchased separately.

Is it worth it?"

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Summons751646d ago

No, not when Killzone is giving out a map pack for free...

BX811646d ago

Check the killzone fan base compared to the cod fan base.

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CerebralAssassin1646d ago

@summons killzone is crap. Always has been always will be. Even back when it was labeled as a halo killer. People hate on cod all day yet its still one of the top selling games every year. Its doing something right. Its dlc is part of that. It keeps you coming back. Im excited to use new guns. Im excited to chop bitches up as michael myers. The dlc looks fun.

yezz1646d ago


It sure is doing something right from a business point of view. But do you really think that adding 4-5 map packs per game and charging 15$ for each one them is great? Or a wolf skin to your freaking dog which you also have to BUY..

I just feel that COD has become like those bloody billion $ budget movies like Transformers. There is just something people seem to enjoy about them year after year but if you try to find proper quality from them, you will fail.

CrossingEden1646d ago

Your reply to BX81 is the epitome of a gross generalization, drug addicts? Um, what world do you live in? You complain about resused assets yet defend killzone shadowfall, which reuses a large amount of KZ3 animations...logic

Summons751646d ago

Because when i worked in a few different game stores the main customers that came in for the game were spoiled kids throwing a fit, juggalos and junkies (the type of people where you could smell the weed off them from across the room). When i would attempt to sell them a different (better) game they replied says all they play is cod and wouldn't even try another game unless it was GTA.

This was multiple stores in multiple states. Hell when i played call of duty 4 (and a tiny bit of blops at a friends house) if your ear wasn't bleeding from a kid screaming obesities, it was a obviously high person talking about weed or making a drug deal.

Sorry for the facts.

BX811646d ago

@ summons you got 90% of a games fan base from working at different game stores in different states? I'm impressed.

maniacmayhem1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

"Because when i worked in a few different game stores the main customers that came in for the game were spoiled kids throwing a fit, juggalos and junkies..."

So basically your little corner of the world represents all CoD players, I mean you did write FACT after replying to CrossingEden.

I wonder what type you are? The snobbish, know-it-all, who thinks he's better than others who only play CoD and you're also fighting your own imaginary war by trying to push your likes on to a customer who isn't interested, then is appalled when they don't see it your way. I bet that's your type because I see it all the time.

That must equal all Killzone type players ...Sorry for the facts.

bobsmith1646d ago

microsoftstore has hardened edition that comes with season pass 55 no tax free shipping and I still didnt buy

nickyandrews1646d ago

Cod is going backwards it gets worse every time 1st time since cod 4 I'm not bothering it's all about battlefield now

BX811646d ago

I actually like this cod mp better than black ops 2 since they patched it. I still get that spawn kill crap from time to time but no where like it was at release.

1646d ago
Audiggity1646d ago

Wow! A whole lot of crazy generalizations! 12 year olds and drug addicts play CoD? I thought it was just people with low enough IQs to not realize they were purchasing the exact same game every year.

Question: "Should you care?"
Answer: "No, absolutely not. No one should care at all"

Seriously, CoD Ghosts should be the last game in the series. They should be forced to innovate. Raking consumers over the coals by re-launching the SAME GAME every year, followed by DLC sales shortly after launch? No. This behavior in the industry needs to stop.

Boycott the DLC and stop buying COD. Reward innovation, not stagnation!

ExPresident1646d ago

As trash of a game that I think CoD is, in Activisions defense if people keeping throwing money at them why should they stop doing it. They are making money hand over fist with little to no changes on their part. If it ain't broke don't fix it. While the game is broke, the model still makes them tons of money. Sad but true.

When consumers start voting with the 1 thing that matters to these companies, money, these companies will be forced to sing a different tune. Until then consumers get what they deserve.

Audiggity1646d ago

Agreed. Sadly... but, you are 100% correct.

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