Top 4 gaming news stories you should know about

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DesVader1525d ago

DayZ has gotten a bit quite on our side. Everyone is talking about Rust at the moment...

Zaphire1525d ago

I think many are waiting for more updates for dayz first such as vehicles etc

Sillicur1525d ago

Yeh most likely that is the case

Sillicur1525d ago

Hmmm, Rust looks really interesting, might check it out some more.

HanCilliers1525d ago

I am extremely excited about what Valve is bringing to the table this year - Steam Machine, SteamOS, SteamVR - yes thank you.

Sillicur1525d ago

Valve is going big this year, still no HL3 though :(

Choc_Salties1525d ago

Who knows, it might be sooner around the corner than we think or know. Take into account that resources used to develop a game and developing hardware are almost completely different...