Rumor: Nintendo has Begun Development on a Next-Generation Machine

It “SEEMS” like Nintendo has already started working on some form of next-generation machine.

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_QQ_1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Pretty sure everyone starts R&D early for thier new consoles. Although i wouldn't be surprised if wiiu had a shorter lifespan than usual. i'm saying 2016 they reveal thier new console and release it 2017. 2019 or 2020 for Sony/MS. I'm also gussing Wiiu will have 2 rotation's of games per studio, maybe 3 rotations from studios putting things out early like 3D world and pikmin3. calling 3-4 rotations from Sony/MS studios

could be a handheld too.

SquareSoft1650d ago

Nintendo could be making a 3D Gaming Phone, that can also play Wii U games and have hdmi output for tv.

Skip_Bayless1650d ago

Hybrid home-handheld gaming console..

Called it!

jackanderson19851650d ago

@Skip isn't that kinda already the wii u?

abzdine1650d ago

i think they should wait for end 2014 cause most of their big franchises are coming out this year. i don't think the situation will be better with third party support because now Wii U has to survive with much more powerful consoles and porting PS4 games to Wii U will be problematic.

Nintendo know about this and they always deliver good quality first party titles which is reason number one people buy Nintendo machines and i'm one of them.
i prefer to buy 3rd party games on PS3 or PS4 for trophies, PS+ etc..

dedicatedtogamers1650d ago

This isn't big news, I suppose. Wii-U (yes, Wii-U) prototypes started mid-way through the Gamecube's lifespan. The PS4 began development just 18 months after the PS3 launched. It's normal for companies to begin development of their next product, especially with how the game industry is nowadays.

Hopefully Nintendo doesn't release another console dud. Wii-U is cool, but my goodness. Put some thought into it next time. It's like they wanted to keep the Wii audience while also pandering to every hardcore forum-warrior demand ever typed on the internet...

Nerdmaster1650d ago

Not at all. Why would you think Wii U can be considered a handheld gaming console?

LackTrue4K1650d ago

Nintendo 3-D printing Machine.

Neonridr1650d ago

They already have a 3D printing machine, it's called the 3DS. And it has a license to print money.

truechainz1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )


key work kinda. The Wii u gamepad can't operate apart from the console as a portable device outside the given range. I agree that a hybrid console would be their next move. It would benefit them to only have one console to focus on making software for rather than 2, and with the expanding Nintendo is doing with many of their headquarters and dev teams we would be looking at a console where 1st and 2nd party games are coming out much faster than currently to help with the gap left by little third party support.

jmac531650d ago

It makes better business sense for Nintendo to just focus on the handheld/portable market.

MoveTheGlow1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Skip should be right. Nintendo doesn't need some graphics powerhouse to make extremely beautiful games. They do handhelds well. It should stand to reason that even a WiiU-quality graphics output on a handheld w/HDMI out and a controller connection via Bluetooth or even their current wireless tech would be their next move - none of this split stuff anymore, just one handheld and console. Easier for their second-party devs that way, too.

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showtimefolks1650d ago

hopefully this time around they will actually look to compete tech wise and not be xbox one ps4 clone in 2016-2017

don't be stuck in between the current gen and next gen again like wiiu is right now

ovnipc1650d ago

Nintendo N86. X86 architecture 12gb ram 3tf gpu monster machine. Jk. But i will like to see nintendo back with a punch like N64 times, i loved the n64.

starfox0791650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

No Nintendo said they will make more Hardware versions this time in other words a WiiU with power7 cpu ect so every game can run at max resoution even 4k ect but essentially the same games think a WiiU with ultra setting for every game.

DarkHeroZX1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Lol the CPU doesn't do resolution, that's all GPU bud. And lol Nintendo never said that. Do you think Nintendo would be soo stupid and desperate to compete that that change up the specifications of the Wii U? Not only would changing the chip set cause them to have to completely redesign the the motherboard and box but it'd drive the cost back up to where they might as well just release a new console. Not to mention games that wouldn't run on older versions of the Wii U if they did that which would mean 5 million people forever losing faith in Nintendo and possibly more. I'm sorry but this comment is one of the dumbest I've seen in a long time.

snookiegamer1650d ago

Starfox, bless your cotton socks!

I've seen quite a few of your comments. You are adorable aren't you.

..I'd say it's all a bit wishful thinking Starfox. I really don't think Nintendo will take that approach. But seriously, Bless you for staying faithful to your choice of hardware.

That's commendable :)

MWH1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

SEGA was right, Nintendon't :P

Neonridr1650d ago

Nintendo will be sure to include Blast Processing this time around..

Magicite1650d ago

I wonder if WiiU2 or whatever will even match X1 in raw power.

busytoad1649d ago

X1 in raw power lol..... x-bone is weak compared to ps4 and pc kid.

Magicite1649d ago

Im not saying X1 is powerful.
Im just saying Nintendo hardware is always step behind current gen.

DeadlyFire1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

I am thinking more like new handheld that plays all WiiU games and games that are 100% compatibility with WiiU from the portable. Also with games that are 100% compatible with the next Nintendo platform and likely compatible with the portable console as well like how Sony is doing the Vita. I expect Nintendo to be more flexible and go with something.

I expect 2015 reveal of new portable console device and 2016 reveal of new console. Either way I expect Nintendo has picked out a GPU already for the next console cycle. The Radeon R7 260 with 1.5 Tflops of juice or R7 260x with 1.9 Tflops. It will be dwarfed by next gen PS5/XB4, but that likely is their choice. I will be very surprised if the next NES console hits even 2+ Tflops. I suspect PS5/XB4 will be aiming for 3-4+ Tflops. Depending on the hardware available with TDP numbers. Although one of them could go with NVIDIA's ARM setup honestly. They are using Cell phone CPU cores right now. ARM is a Cell phone CPU pretty much all around. So its not to hard of a concept to grasp. Although I do expect 12-20+ CPU threads this time around. Past two gens has been 8 CPU threads. Time for a push up I believe soon.

Rhaigun1649d ago

That won't happen. Storage space alone is going to cause you issues there. At most, we'd be looking at a handheld with 64 gb of storage. Where would you put all these Wii U games?

DeadlyFire1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I am talking more like PSVita/PS3/PS4 like comparisons. Like how Playstation All stars works with PS3/PSVita and few other titles. Its pretty much the same game on both platforms. Possibly weaker graphics and smaller code on the portable platform, but the same core elements of the game.

Kinda like how they are doing Super Smash Bros on WiiU and 3DS. I am thinking they spread more games like this around. Maybe with some supporting cross platform play one day. I don't mean the entire full fledged disc of the WiiU version of the games. I could have used wiser words I believe.

They could build the entire next gen portable chipset into the next gen console they are building for full compatibility of the games on handheld on the console or something to that extent. So that handheld games can be played at home and on the go with most new games on the next gen platform having a portable version packaged in to take with you on the go.

Mr_Writer851650d ago

I doubt Sony and MS will wait that long. Last gen was the only gen to last longer than 5 years.

I have a feeling this gen will be back to the old "new hardware every 5 years".

Also the fact Sony and MS have gone for more PC like consoles they can use moving tech world as reason to "keep up" ( although by keep up I mean not fall too far behind as PC will always be ahead before someone with a god complex tries to correct me)

DeadlyFire1650d ago

I am thinking they try 6 years. Last gen was 7/8 years long. Usually the tech is stretched to its limits by 5-6 years either way.

Deadpoolio1650d ago

Well except of course for the FACT that Micro$haft and Sony both say these consoles are going to be what they bet on for at least 10 years....So I wouldn't go counting on anything from either for at least 8 years

Mr_Writer851650d ago

Sony said the same about the PS3.


extermin8or1650d ago

Sony already said they expect this to be the case which was code for "by the end of the year we'll start planning ps5 and have it out by 2019/2020"

Mr_Writer851649d ago

Do you have a link to those quotes please?


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Agent_00_Revan1650d ago

It wouldn't surprise me either if the WiiU had a short span. But then again, R&D usually starts pretty early.

I remember the first time I read an article about the Cell Processor for the PS3 was in Gamepro magazine in 2002. 4 years before the actual console.

Patrick_pk441650d ago

It is most likely the 3DS, which is keeping them afloat .

Gamer19821650d ago

I'm actually thinking there may be no next generation machine for either company. Not as we see them now.. Times are changing and soon we will just plug our phones into our tvs hook controls up and play through that. An all in one device we pick up and take to work with us when we finished playing. We can carry on our game on the bus etc..

DeadlyFire1650d ago

You are aware of what Cloud gaming is right? That is exactly what you are speaking of as it can be on a phone, smartTV, PC, console, and so on.

Only problem is bandwidth. Which will be a major bottleneck for Cloud gaming until at least 2030-2040.

Still consoles will exist for some time my friend with discs even.

extermin8or1650d ago

@deadly fire and even then there might still be isues that mean a hardware option is aailable to those that want it...

DoggyBiscuit1650d ago

Sony & M$ is not putting a new console for another 10 years

ShutUpDonny1650d ago

Yep! I'm sure it will be some kind of DS that connect to the TV. The opposite of the Wii-U. Portables are powerful now and it's Nintendo's strength. They cost less to develop for and most Nintendo's games don't need to be 1080p 60fps. People want the same old Pokemon and plug it to the TV if they want.

extermin8or1650d ago

Since when did nintendo make a powerful portable... let alone a home console look at the 3ds lol it's tech is laughable compared to most smartphones/vita. Even when it released smartphones and tablets at least equalled it. It's only sold because of mario kart etc.

JodyCones1650d ago

Nintendo HDS. I called it along time ago. Watch it happen.

3-4-51649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Nintendo starts work on their next handheld or console immediately after finishing the previous one EVERY TIME.

They've even stated it in an interview before. They are always tinkering and progressing their ideas and tech to try new things.

It's part of the reason they have some "iffy" ideas, yet also put out some of the best high quality games ever made, consistently.

* They also said that they are gearing towards having their consoles released in-between or not at the same time as other companies.

I think Nintendo is going for "The In-Between" gen.

* Basically their new console comes out after others and so it seems much more next gen. It's kind of releasing a console both before and after other consoles in an alternate cycle.

* They wouldn't have to compete this way becase then once they've released their new console they will have had enough time to bring the tech and graphics up to par and even better + take the time to make high quality games.

It could backfire but I think it's a smart move.

The 3DS will last longer than the Wii U, but I still think the Wii U is a solid console.

Rhaigun1649d ago

It already backfired. Look at the Wii U.

TBONEJF1649d ago

Nintendo seems pretty desperate on getting DEV back on the Nintendo system. Since everyone else too lazy not making games on the WiiU.Just hope Nintendo won't give its new system if coming out the same name

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Zodiac1650d ago

I wouldn't be surprised at all. That is usually how it works anyway. You can't just go through the whole console making process and then release it all in a couple years.

Benjaminkno1650d ago

Whatever it is, it's a home console/handheld hybrid...

Probably like a Vita that you can just hook to your TV.

At least that's what I'm gathering.

sinncross1650d ago

That wouldn't exactly be a graphics powerhouse.

Would be surprising if they did go with that though. Could be cool.

DC7771650d ago

With the ram phones are coming out with I'm sure it's possible to make an hd little powerhouse handheld that can run most games and stream the rest on the go. Only going to get better in a year or two.

extermin8or1650d ago

Yeah but think how much that would cost, smaller you make the powerful tech more it initially costs. Why smartphones cost so damn much.

starfox0791650d ago

Please shut up with that nonsense Nintendo never get ideas off Sony,Nintendo will make an ultra version of WiiU and 3DS basically WiiU games will run at anything from 1080p native to 4k and 3DS games will be HD/3D thats what they will do.

Angeljuice1650d ago

Actually they've copied Sony often.

DoctorJones1650d ago

How have they copied Sony often then?

DoctorJones1650d ago


Nintendo would have been making their own prototypes years before the Wii came out. Just because Sony were experimenting with motion controllers does not mean Nintendo copied them.

With that aside, what else are they supposed to have copied? Considering Anglejuice said they have copied them often.

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maniacmayhem1650d ago

So everything points to a next gen handheld as the article states.

I believe that more than an all new console.

AngelicIceDiamond1650d ago

A next gen handheld would be very interesting.

LKHGFDSA1650d ago

"I believe the handhelds are mostly designed in Japan, and the consoles in the US, and this seems to be a US gig (NTD)"
That's from the original source, by the same guy who did the report.

Sy_Wolf1650d ago

Yeah, R&D starts years ahead of time so it's not that weird.