Survival Horror Games: Past, Present, and Future

When you think of a survival horror game, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Isolation? Puzzles? Running out of scarcely found ammo right before a huge boss battle that you weren’t prepared for? All of these things relate to the survival horror genre of a video game, which is still terrifying, and thrilling, players to this day.

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snipab8t1561d ago

Indie devs pretty much saved the horror genre from the big budget action movie trash capcom and EA served up in recent history. Let's all hope that future games such as Daylight and The Evil Within are true horror games.

Ocsta1560d ago

Agreed. Indies are saving a lot of things lately, including RPG's. (Proper ones)

tigertron1560d ago

Things are looking up for survival horror with Daylight, Outlast, The Evil Within, Alien Isolation etc.

Capcom, EA and the like have lost sight of what survival horror is and why gamers want it.

RondoMachete1560d ago

I've played a good few games that have had me on edge,The Condemmed,Rez 1-6 including the spin offs,I'm looking forward to Outlast and will be playing it on my PS4,I'm not sold on The Evil Within but it's early days,I like the action horror games like Dead Island and the upancoming Dying Light. But back to The Condemmed that really got to me,it was one of those play get a bit scared then stop the play again.

VTKC1560d ago

Resident Evil, 2 and 3 games.