R.B.I. Baseball is Coming Back

SI: R.B.I. Baseball, the classic Namco baseball game for the NES and Atari (among other consoles), is coming back. Major League Baseball Advanced Media is developing a version for next gen consoles and mobile.

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kalkano1587d ago

"next gen and mobile"

Yeah, I'm definitely not expecting to take this game seriously.

timemuffin1587d ago

This is so nuts! Other than whatever this will be there is no licenced MLB multiplatform game for 2014. 2K either dropped or lost their licence. ( I can't remember which.) Sony's The Show was the only game on the field. Pun intended. If this turns out to be a full sixty dollar release it will be an absolute train wreck. The more that I think about it the more certain I become that this will be small digital marketplace game. There is no time for anything else. There are not even any screenshots out there! I'm personally not interested in sports games but this should be interesting to follow. Especially if you're the type who slows down to gawk at accidents.

hazardman1587d ago

RBI baseball.. really. I had my fun with it back in the day, but I want to see a real baseball game. High Heat, MVP or even Allstar Baseball... this will be nothing more than an ddl arcade game.

Orange1587d ago

But, it'd be a cool mode for MLB the Show. So ridiculously fast paced and fun. Nice change of pace from the grind of a simulation game.


this game had a glitch where u could have a perfect game by throwing the ball to second base over and over with no one on base and you will get an out call all the time