Amazon: latest roundup of discounted Wii U titles

Amazon currently has a few Wii U titles available at a discount.

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1525d ago
AnEwGuY1525d ago

We're about a year away from an all-out fire sale on anything WiiU related. Nintendo will dump this turd quicker than they did the Gamecube.

Theyellowflash301524d ago

Nintendo actually launched the successor to the Gamecube last out of Microsoft and Sony.

And just to let you know, the Gamecube was highly profitable for Nintendo because of software sales.

In addition to Nintendo making a profit on every unit sold.

I'll also add that PS2 and Xbox games lost their value far faster than first party Gamecube games despite the systems struggles.

Ignorance is bliss.....

AnEwGuY1524d ago

Ignorance is bliss indeed ; you're wrong on all accounts.

1.) Just like with the Wii, the GC was essentially dead by the time Nintendo "officially" pulled the plug. They had to stop production for the better part of a year, just to allow old stock to dwindle, prior to their last-gasp price drop.

2.) The only reason Nintendo didn't fold after the GC era, is because of their handheld business. GC software sales were hardly enough to make them profitable, when they had a smaller market share than even newbie MS and the XBOX.

3.) No, they did not make a profit on the GC hardware. It wasn't until they retooled/recycled it in the form of the Wii, that they began to recover their losses.

4.) Software ALWAYS "holds it's value" when it was released/sold in low numbers. And that was still only partially true, since backwards compatibility with the Wii was a huge factor in GC software viability. Thanks for proving my point.

Theyellowflash301524d ago

1. Actually, I'm not wrong at all. You're idea of "dead" is different than mine. If games are still coming out for the system then its not dead. Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower all launched near the Wii U's release. On top of that, Wii games still sell quite a bit, so "dead" would be a wrong term.

The Wii Mini is still in production, so no, the Gamecube and Wii are not alike.

2. False, Nintendo could have release another system without their handheld business. SEGA had Multiple real failed consoles before they folded with the Dreamcast.

3. False again, Nintendo did indeed make a profit on Gamecube hardware and software.

4. Is just completely false. Nintendo Gamecube games were never sold in "low numbers" Super Smash Bros, Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunghine, ect are some of the best selling games of the 6th generation.

Nintendo's games held value during the lifespan of the gamecube. It had nothing to do with the Wii. Nobody made your point. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.

You don't have a grasp of the industry and made up things that you can't prove.