Are You Okay With The Standard Difficulty In Most Games?

How do you feel about the regular default difficulty in most video games today? Do you think they're too easy? Or are too many of them just too taxing?

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MrSwankSinatra1464d ago

honestly i wish games only had one difficulty. because you literally get no incentive for playing the other difficulties with the exception of stupid trophies. i remember when games used to have it where if you beat games on the harder difficulties you could unlock extra modes, weapons etc.

Shadonic1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

idk current slandered difficulty is usually easy for me.

Concertoine1464d ago

i always play on hard (usually 2nd hardest difficulty)... unless its something like a Platinum Games game or ninja gaiden or dark souls that's sort of known for being difficult.

Mikelarry1464d ago

i barely have time to game with a kid and a full time job so when i do play i play on extra easy and if i am feeling a bit rebellious normal :)....damn i am a old gamer

Outside_ofthe_Box1464d ago

I find nothing wrong with the standard difficulty of most games today. I always play on normal unless it's a series I'm familiar with, then I'll play on the hardest difficulty setting available.

Pozzle1463d ago

I play most games on standard/normal difficulty. I don't want a game to be too easy, but I also don't want it to be frustratingly difficult the very first time I play it.

And if I really enjoy a game, I'll usually play it again on the harder difficulties.

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