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PS4 Version of Metal Gear Solid V Running on PS Vita Shown by Kojima: "Amazingly Beautiful!"

Hideo Kojima himself just Showcased two pictures of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes running on PS Vita via remote play. (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PS Vita, PS4)

Update Update: added a third picture.

Update 2: added a fourth picture and another comment from Kojima.

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Snookies12  +   564d ago
Mmmm, that's sexy...
b163o1  +   564d ago
That's amazing, I don't understand why the vita is struggling. Being able to play PS4 games on the vita while my girl is barking in my ear about wanting to watch the Real house wives of whatever or Scandal is a perfect solution to the problem. I'll have to get one when I get my 4
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erathaol  +   564d ago
Its doing better now because of this sort of support from Sony. Which is helping it stand out as a unique and interesting device.
AnthonyF123  +   564d ago
watch when Playstation Now comes out, you'll be able to play PS1,2,3,4, games wherever you want.
Nerdmaster  +   564d ago
Because we're supposed to get excited to play its own games, instead of the games of another console. There's not a lot of people who has the money to buy an expensive machine just to be used as a screen/controller for another expensive machine.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   564d ago
Yeah in total truth I only play some games on RP, depending on how much the slight lag makes a difference to that game and how well the controls are mapped etc.

It is great for going into the store and starting downloads etc though when the TV is taken so everything is ready for when you get your slot.
raWfodog  +   564d ago
I believe the price and the proprietary memory cards are the main reasons for the struggling sales. It has plenty enough games with more coming and many great features. I love my Vita.
asmith2306  +   564d ago
The Vita is great, but they really need to add support to let the DS4 control the vita during remote play. The vitas controls are too awkward for most PS4 games. That way we could take or DS4 and Vita to a different room and play the PS4 remotely, only difference being on a smaller screen.
webeblazing  +   563d ago
This is great and all but I want devas to add unique vita control features to games. MGs is perfect for it especially with how much stuff snake behaving in his pocket and the crazy gadgets the metal gear universe have
Dhuie  +   564d ago
Super Sexy
imtheman2013  +   564d ago
Ugh so hype for this game! Hopefully MGO is also shaping up nicely in development.
Lowsnamebrand  +   564d ago
Can't wait for MGO
Nicaragua  +   564d ago
Has MGO been confirmed for Ground Zeroes ?
imtheman2013  +   564d ago
Refer to my comment 3 below this one :)
noctis_lumia  +   564d ago
kojima said that there will be a mgo,he gave the project in some studio in the west
trenso1  +   563d ago
I just hop the LA studio handling it makes it like the last MGO just more refined.
SnotyTheRocket  +   564d ago
Is MGO confirmed?
deadfrag  +   564d ago
imtheman2013  +   564d ago
It isn't confirmed as in a concurrent release with Ground Zeroes or The Phantom Pain, but it is in development of some sort alongside The Phantom Pain. It's being developed by Kojima's LA Studio, here's a link if you want to read it for yourself:

Batzi  +   564d ago
MGO3 is confirmed but not coming with GZ.
Salooh  +   564d ago
Why would they confirm something like that ?. It's definitely coming to MGSV Phantom pain . :P
MatrixxGT  +   564d ago
So glad I bought a vita. Just to be able to play/remote play in bed on my only day off when I don't feel like doing jack shit my purchase has been justified. Cant wait see how this game turns out.
ZodTheRipper  +   564d ago
I recently played Don't Starve at work through my Smartphone WLAN Hotspot + Remote Play, it's just awesome :D
If you're in a friends router WLAN and want to play PS4 the connection is amazingly flawless.
PS4isKing_82  +   564d ago
So freaking amazing!! Gotta get a vita soon to try this out when the game releases. Now sony just needs to hurry up and get more ps4s out there so ppl can play these amazing games coming out soon.
Eonjay  +   564d ago
Very Nice
Plagasx  +   564d ago
I think I jizzed a little..
nope111  +   564d ago
Hahaha that pic is perfect.
MasterCornholio  +   564d ago
Best exclusive feature IMO
GrandpaSnake  +   564d ago
Theirs people talking about mgo in n4g. awesome!
Batzi  +   564d ago
there are*
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imtheman2013  +   564d ago
Of course there are! MGO (the one that came with MGS4) is my favorite multiplayer game to-date. Loved the gameplay, the customization, and especially the community. Can't wait for whenever the next MGO comes!
webeblazing  +   564d ago
Remember everyone had to team up and find snake omg mgo was amazing its just the Hassel of signing in and buying stuff was a turn off to a lot of people. It was but that didn't stop me. Matter fact I'm going to play mgs4 when I get off from work. So many guns
Salooh  +   564d ago
Man , i miss torturing someone with sleeping gun XP .

I bet you hate it XD
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pwnsause_returns  +   564d ago
the Old vita is better than the new vita because of the OLED screen, thats why...
G20WLY  +   564d ago
Or maybe that was Kojima's personal Vita and he just hasn't replaced with the revised model.

Either way, it's stunning and this game will be awesome from the comfort of my bed when I work away! :)
pwnsause_returns  +   564d ago
Im just saying.... the OLED Screen is superior in every way.
Adolph Fitler  +   564d ago
I would like to see Kojima be given the freedom to develop an entirely new game & series, in whatever genre he chooses. The problem is, brainless fanboys went as far as multiple death threats a few years back when he openly stated he wanted to move on from the series...
To me, such a creative mind is limited, when stuck on the same old project for years, that is why Mario is suffering from dejavu so bad now...Ever since Mario64, Miyamoto has been on a downward plunge.....To me, that means his creative mind is OVER doing the same sh!t, OVER & OVER & limits his potential & passion for what he is stuck doing. So, as well as the creative mind suffering, the product also suffers, & we as gamers suffer & don't get something truly special...I know people will shoot me down with disagrees & saying, "Mario 3D is the 2nd coming, look at gamerankings, blah, blah, blah"....But I don't give a sh1t. COD gets called out for being samely....Yet Mario, is the same character, with almost the same move set each game, exact same story every f^cking time with the exact same character being kidnapped, by the exact same bad guy, in the exact same locations & worlds....It NEVER changes (apart from the Galaxies).....every world & environment just looks so familiar & like the ones from the 1st NES game back in the 1980's... Now they've even gone back to 2D with the series, & the new Mario 3D, feels more 2D than 3D, as it is basically a rip off of Crash Bandicoot with a Mario theme.
These creative artists are running out of ideas with well worn IP's...and as they say, Beaten paths are for beaten men...and fact is, if ALL the great creative minds behind games are FORCED to keep churning out the same IP's, then our games will just be uninspired rehashes, like Mario & Donkey Kong, or otherwise just convoluted plot lined, messes that scare gamers off, such as what is happening with the MGS series on many levels. MGS: Revengeance has probably been the most sensible, unique, MGS game since the PS1 original & MGS3...The rest have been crazy talk messes in reality. I hope Kojima & other great gaming minds are allowed to move onto new ip's sooner rather than later. There wasted talent otherwise. I do also hope that this Vita MGS is great & sells many a Vita, as I have one, & desperately hope the install base grows to attract more developers to make great games for THE BEST HANDHELD TO EVER GRACE THE MARKET, as it so deserves.
BoNeSaW23  +   564d ago
Are you OK?

Your comment hurt my brain just reading it. I think you might need a hug or some medication.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   564d ago
I want him to do a new series as well, but I need one more MGS game with Solid Snake as the lead. After that I'll be satisfied with the MGS series.

Just to let you know I only read the first couple of sentences. I just couldn't bring my self to read the entire brick.
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TheTowelBoy  +   564d ago
I.. this.. this is the future. For me lol
SynestheticRoar  +   564d ago
The Vita has new life.
ambientFLIER  +   564d ago
How exactly can it look good on a Vita, when it gets downscaled from 1920x1080 to whatever crappy rez the vita screen is? I know it's not even Hd...
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strigoi814  +   564d ago
even if they explain it to you, you will never get it unless you have a vita running thru your hands..
saint_seya  +   564d ago | Well said
So much fail in one single comment.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   564d ago
Vita has a screen of 1280 x 720
So it can handle 720p
So that's not HD?
Also, have you seen some of the games on vita?
They look really good.
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SixtyNine  +   564d ago
Fallacy! The Vita does not have a 720p screen. Its screen resolution is 960x544.
nope111  +   564d ago
Muramasa and BlazBlue CSII looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous on the Vita.
God i hope ChronoPhantasma gets a Vita release, the sprites will look so beautiful shrunken down with barely any jaggies....
ambientFLIER  +   563d ago
I find it funny that the guy who says the vita's resolution is 1280x720 gets 18 agrees. Do you Sony fans even know the details about the products that you so fiercely defend? I get the fact that pixels are smaller. But you're telling me Sony couldn't at least get the damn thing to 720P?? That's sad, especially considering there are native 1920x1080 phones out. And the Vita redesign killed the OLED screen in favor of a worse LCD. Boo.

The thing should have had a 5-inch 720P screen. Then it would have been something special, instead of a relative sales flop.
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kayoss  +   564d ago
Yes it may not be 1080p on the vita. But since the vita screen is smaller the pixels get compressed to fit on the screen making it look better. Add the oled screen you can have the illusion of a better image on a smaller screen.
DigitalRaptor  +   563d ago
OLED technology my friend. OLED technology.
WitWolfy  +   564d ago
I'm really starting to hate PS Vita remote play, the damned hand held is too small for my hands and becomes so uncomfortable after 10 minutes of play that my hands start to cramp up. Sony seriously need a bigger device.. Something as big as the Wii U Tablet as an example.
nvm1987  +   564d ago
Bro get a rubber grip off ebay for like $5. It's totally worth it and makes the vita feel almost as comfy as a ds3. I bought mine specifically for remote play and it's awesome.
WitWolfy  +   564d ago
Your like the second dude thats recommended that... guess I'll give it a go...
Salooh  +   564d ago
The only problem with the vita controls after that grip is that it doesn't have L3 and R3 . touch pad is not a good replacement , i try to sprint but i have to touch the pad in middle so it's annoying and hurt my hands. Try to play Ghost , it's soo hard to get used to it let a lone kick ass with it.

I noticed that using the vita as a controller is not good unless you look at the vita screen not the tv. It feels unnatural when you look at the tv lol..
kayoss  +   564d ago
I recommend the nyko power grip. It feels like your holding a dual shock controller, in addition it has a battery built in to give extra battery life.
G20WLY  +   564d ago
Agreed, I got one of these too, as my hands are quite big.

It really makes a difference - you can game on Vita for as long as PS3/PS4, no problem!

Plus, it's sleek as hell and doesn't look/feel like a cheap bolt-on. Get one Wolfy! :)
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sklorbit  +   564d ago
is it possible to remote play ps4 games from a wifi signal? I would buy a vita in an instant if i could play mgs5 at work
mynameisq  +   564d ago
Reading the above comments I would say the answer is yes, you can play over wifi. A guy above commented about being at his friends house and using his friend's wifi to remote play
Nicaragua  +   564d ago
Yes, that's exactly what remote play is.

I can play my PS4 which is in my living room while I am in bed over my home wifi.

I can play my PS4 while I am at work over the work wifi.

I can book into a hotel and play my PS4 over the hotel wifi.

That's remote play.
sklorbit  +   563d ago
thats awesome, i am really glad they finally made remote play into the feature they said it would be. It was such a huge disappointment for me last gen since you couldnt do much with your psp/ps3 connection, and there didnt seem to be a way to use it "remotely"
Nerdmaster  +   564d ago
Yes, you can. Good luck with the lag, though.
G20WLY  +   564d ago
That's right - you can even tether it through a smartphone, so in theory you can play your PS4 literally anywhere you can get a signal!

Don't listen to the naysayers talking "lag"; if you have a decent signal, you'll never notice any lag.
ramiuk1  +   564d ago
i cant wait for this game,the past 3 metal gears i havent bothered with as i didnt enjoy them but this one looks amazing.
really need to get my vita asap too
YellowTempes  +   564d ago
The Vita will become a must-have for PS4 when PSNOW hits the market.
RVanner_  +   564d ago
PS4 and PS Vita bundle maybe
microgenius  +   564d ago
metal gear solid is always amazing regardless of platform and graphix
leahcim  +   564d ago
God how I love my Vita
MCTJim  +   564d ago
just a small question...is it playing on the hardware(vita) or is it more like a remote desktop?
Lordofrankness  +   564d ago
y would i want to play on the vita when i have a 60' led tv? who buys a vita to play ps4 games on a tiny screen? and w NOW i have all my ps1 ps2 ps3 games still. y did i spend $400 on a system w no new games and old games being offered? what a joke sony has become, plus PSN is still a laggy mess. 2014 fix it!
Lordofrankness  +   564d ago
plus Vita isnt even 1080p. the screen and gimmick little features u do in games is annoying, so ill enjoy my games on the ps4 not the old outdated Vita. Sony needs to get off the vita train its dying, and forcing us to buy that is absurd.
ExtoVert  +   564d ago
just because sony markets the vita doesnt mean they are forcing us to buy it. u have a choice to buy it or not, you dont want it then u dont have to get it no one is forcing u. being forced is the kinect there are a lot people that didn't/dont want it but microsoft wont sell the xbox without it, even though u can turn it off now. thats forcing to buy something u may not want or need.
crs353  +   564d ago
Iv only played metal Gear 3, but im excited for this one for this one for some reason. I hope its good.
Lordofrankness  +   563d ago

i know its not "forcing" like MS does. Kinetic is a very powerful piece of tech, its limited now but over time we will see it hopefully grow and b useful to gamers/consumers.

but i feel not having a vita u will miss out on some things/features. i think the Vita price is a joke compared to the 3ds which sells like hotcakes. plus it does not appeal to me to sit on my couch w a glorifed game gear, to play a game on a system that doesnt even support 1080P. ( we all know ms has resoultion issues but over time i feel devs will know how to work w the bottlenecks known as ESSRAM) Plus i have to downgrade in resoultion and screen size when i have a 60" for my PS4 and XB1.
ExtoVert  +   563d ago
ya i agree completely in terms of price, dont play for visuals play for experience and not having one myself i feel kinda left out. smaller screens dont bother me, as for me i play my PS4 on a 24" BenQ monitor because for me gaming on a monitor is better than a tv. My monitors out performs my 55" vizio. So i keep my ps3 on the tv and the PS4 on the monitor. better lighting/colors, faster refresh rate, 144Hz so its smooth and less head movement. but that's just me i just dont like gaming on large tv's
stuntman_mike  +   563d ago
I can see vita TV being peoples second console of choice it will play vita games, ps1+2, stream ps4, and soon ps3 through PS now.

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