PS4 Version of Metal Gear Solid V Running on PS Vita Shown by Kojima: "Amazingly Beautiful!"

Hideo Kojima himself just Showcased two pictures of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes running on PS Vita via remote play.


Update: added a third picture.

Update 2: added a fourth picture and another comment from Kojima.

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b163o1837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

That's amazing, I don't understand why the vita is struggling. Being able to play PS4 games on the vita while my girl is barking in my ear about wanting to watch the Real house wives of whatever or Scandal is a perfect solution to the problem. I'll have to get one when I get my 4

erathaol837d ago

Its doing better now because of this sort of support from Sony. Which is helping it stand out as a unique and interesting device.

AnthonyF123837d ago

watch when Playstation Now comes out, you'll be able to play PS1,2,3,4, games wherever you want.

Nerdmaster836d ago

Because we're supposed to get excited to play its own games, instead of the games of another console. There's not a lot of people who has the money to buy an expensive machine just to be used as a screen/controller for another expensive machine.

BadlyPackedKeebab836d ago

Yeah in total truth I only play some games on RP, depending on how much the slight lag makes a difference to that game and how well the controls are mapped etc.

It is great for going into the store and starting downloads etc though when the TV is taken so everything is ready for when you get your slot.

raWfodog836d ago

I believe the price and the proprietary memory cards are the main reasons for the struggling sales. It has plenty enough games with more coming and many great features. I love my Vita.

asmith2306836d ago

The Vita is great, but they really need to add support to let the DS4 control the vita during remote play. The vitas controls are too awkward for most PS4 games. That way we could take or DS4 and Vita to a different room and play the PS4 remotely, only difference being on a smaller screen.

webeblazing836d ago

This is great and all but I want devas to add unique vita control features to games. MGs is perfect for it especially with how much stuff snake behaving in his pocket and the crazy gadgets the metal gear universe have

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imtheman2013837d ago

Ugh so hype for this game! Hopefully MGO is also shaping up nicely in development.

Nicaragua836d ago

Has MGO been confirmed for Ground Zeroes ?

imtheman2013836d ago

Refer to my comment 3 below this one :)

noctis_lumia836d ago

kojima said that there will be a mgo,he gave the project in some studio in the west

trenso1836d ago

I just hop the LA studio handling it makes it like the last MGO just more refined.

imtheman2013837d ago

It isn't confirmed as in a concurrent release with Ground Zeroes or The Phantom Pain, but it is in development of some sort alongside The Phantom Pain. It's being developed by Kojima's LA Studio, here's a link if you want to read it for yourself:


Batzi837d ago

MGO3 is confirmed but not coming with GZ.

Salooh836d ago

Why would they confirm something like that ?. It's definitely coming to MGSV Phantom pain . :P

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MatrixxGT837d ago

So glad I bought a vita. Just to be able to play/remote play in bed on my only day off when I don't feel like doing jack shit my purchase has been justified. Cant wait see how this game turns out.

ZodTheRipper837d ago

I recently played Don't Starve at work through my Smartphone WLAN Hotspot + Remote Play, it's just awesome :D
If you're in a friends router WLAN and want to play PS4 the connection is amazingly flawless.

PS4isKing_82837d ago

So freaking amazing!! Gotta get a vita soon to try this out when the game releases. Now sony just needs to hurry up and get more ps4s out there so ppl can play these amazing games coming out soon.