Sex in Games Sells; We’re Buying, and That's a Good Thing

Sex sells, this is hardly a revelation, but is that necessarily a bad thing? A lot of people might say it is but we think differently.

"It seems like no matter where you turn that seeing sex in video games is becoming more and more prevalent. Is this because the medium is growing as an art form and approaching more human scenarios or is it simply because a lot of dirty perverts think it’s hot to make out with a blue alien? You’ll have one side arguing it’s art and another side arguing it’s smut and both of them are screaming at you to win your favour. I argue that it’s a good thing not only for advancing high level story telling in a medium no longer just geared for children but also a vehicle for tolerance in a market where tolerance hasn’t always been the norm."

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MysticStrummer1621d ago

It's just the way it is. It's been used to sell products for a looong time. Sex isn't the only way to manipulate consumers but it is one of the most tried and true ways.

Jeedai Infidel1621d ago

Boners + products = wallets - money

Well, the math checks out.

DualWielding1621d ago

Sex doesn't sell as much as it used to do, the fact that everyone can now get his/her doses of tiltillation for free on the internet has really damaged the effectiveness of sex appeal as a selling tool

CELLA1621d ago

its a very bad thing and i do not want this in my games.i'm a gamer not a porn freak we are hear to play fun games not for sex it makes games really ugly to look at

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1621d ago


Not to mention its cheap. If you need sex to sell your product it usually isn't good. Which is a good sign for me to stay away from it.

Can't even buy gum without somebody using sex to sell it to you. No this is not good. Especially when instead of standing against it people just become dessensitized by it and allow the problem to fester.

Jeedai Infidel1621d ago

Oh come on, those Doublemint twins were hot and you know it ;-)

urwifeminder1621d ago

Seen way too much filth porn in my day to be bothered about sex in games its a non event.

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