Battlefield 4 – Hainan Resort Exploding Ship Easter Egg Discovered

MP1st - Though the hunt for Battlefield 4′s elusive Megalodon may have withered to a close, the Battlefield community isn’t left entirely empty-handed.

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Last_Boss1645d ago

You should of never showed this!!!


Ashunderfire861645d ago

Good now all we need to find is the Megalodon in the Parcel Storm Map.

Detoxx1645d ago

There is no Megalodon.

DICE confirmed it.

HaveAsandwich1645d ago

but they originally said there was.......right?

Detoxx1645d ago

DICE never said there was one, they were just trolling.

SITH1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I just tried it, it works. You have to wait a minute for the light to come on. And there are a lot of people trying to jump into an empty map to try this.

Naga1645d ago

Sometimes being awesome is the point.

frostypants1645d ago

Man, BF games always have such f***ing amazing audio.

Naga1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Definitely. That has been their strongest suit, and one of the series' most immersive characteristics. I was back from Afghanistan on leave during the BF3 beta, and nearly got a flash of PTSD when an RPG flew by me in the game. And then I actually did go into a bit of a mental lock-up when I got blown up by C4 the very first time (having just been hit by an IED not more than two weeks prior).

... and yet I still play the game, because I don't find that rush in Call of Duty anymore.

BALLARD321645d ago

Can't wait to test this out in a game and freak people out.

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