Could The FCC's Net Neutrality Ruling Effect Your Gaming

Earlier today, a federal appeals court in Washington ruled that the Federal Communications Commission's rules for Net Neutrality were unfounded, and the broadband throttling that results could have an adverse effect on digital distribution and online gaming.

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Bigpappy1678d ago

Shame on Game Informer for botching up the headline. It is the court's ruling that is in question, not the FCC's.

These judges seem to be very anti-consumer recently. They are going heavily conservative, and going with corporations over the public (Government). These corporations were not being treated unfairly, and with the strongly conservative congress we have today, the only hope it seems is the balanced supreme court, which also has most of its power in the conservative benches.

The way the politics is now, this could very well stay unless we get a rally cry directly from the public, or the corporations that stand to loose start some heavy lobbying of their own. Chances are the big boy have a way around this, and we the people will again get to carry the shitty end of the stick.

Activemessiah1677d ago

I personally think those judges were bought out... the only way to explain this.

MsmackyM1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Fewer regulations are always better for the consumer. Just have to look at how the heavily regulated "Affordable Care Act" is anything but. If ISP were to try and squeeze their customers they would only create an opening for competition, and with fewer FCC regulations more investors will be willing to try the market if they can find a profit. You could potentially have ISP who tailor their services specifically for gamers or internet streamers. Regulations only hinder innovations and protect monopolies.

Drekken1677d ago

In most instances I would agree with you... but something like internet is not something you want to have unregulated. We are talking about companies that charge extra if you go over caps and throttle certain sites.

Most people only have one option for high speed internet. Once that company starts charging you to game or watch movies on top of your already high monthly fee then I want to hear your stance. Where the competition is strong and people have a few options then I agree... the market and consumers would dictate but when you have one, that company calls the shot and you are up s**ts creek without a paddle. You will either have to pay up or not have internet.

This ruling was made by old people that are our of touch with reality. The only reality they know is the cash lining in their pockets from the lobbyists.

Axonometri1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I think you need to check your facts before claiming heavy sided ends of Government.

jmac531677d ago

One day you will learn that it's the corporations that are influencing the decisions of our government. It's all one big organized cash grab. Most of the people on the FCC board used to work for the big cable companies.

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jackanderson19851677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

not if you're outside america it won't. in fact i think they're bringing in the exact opposite in europe

hazardman1677d ago

At 1st I was gonna say no. But with all the streaming services out there that rely heavily on Internet might be. Netflix, Playstation Now, Hulu, Youtube, etc. I feel like regular gaming sector has nothing to worry about. If your just a regular gamer. Plays online isnt pirating or dowloanding massive files all day long, we good in a sense. Gamers who do all that and watch netflix and use online streaming services will have to pay more!

Comcast 250gb capp was taken off because there is alot of consumers who are passing that in no time. They're thinking of coming in at 300gb a month and anything after is $10 for every 50gb used. There also looking at having a single tier for heavy users who need more than 300gb a month and you will pay accordingly.

Menkyo1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

The digital future of gaming.......Haha. We have a court system that said corporation are people so now more and more of this crap will happen. Under the first amendment corporation can now give unlimited amounts of money to politicians.

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