Sony Japan Honcho: “Everyone Will Be Happy” With Healthy Competition in the Console Market

The console war often gives a quite warped vision of the industry where those that work on your beloved consoles but on opposing fronts hate each other and would happily rip each other’s guts off, but Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano sees things in a quite different way.

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MrTimesplitters1466d ago

Why is the PS4 logo bigger than the Wii U's and Xbox One's in the picture above, thats not FAIR.

MegaRay1466d ago

Because PS4 is the best! Or maybe Abriael is a fanboy, lol joke
OT: everyone is happy except fanboys..... WHY IS EVERYBODY LOOKING AT ME? IM NOT A FANBOY...*Screams and run away*

Skip_Bayless1466d ago

Since this generation will be a one console race, it can be compared to last generation's multi-console race. So far the games seems to be better life to date.

Abriael1466d ago

Because the PS4 logo is a lot wider and the article is about... Sony's president?

MrTimesplitters1466d ago

IF anyone didnt know I was just kidding :p

WalterWJR1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

How do I +1 for trolling. Nice job you got abrial old school.

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