Nintendo, Keep Using "The Legend of Zelda" to Show Off Your New Consoles

An analysis of what makes The Legend of Zelda a great flagship series for Nintendo consoles.

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alejandroelputo1677d ago

The Legend of Zelda is just the best that gaming has to offer. Each Zelda game is perfect on its own. They are always the best Nintendo game, the best game of the system that it releases, the best action/adventure game that you will come across, it is the game that has the best use of the whole arsenal in your possession, great art direction, fun in every corner, and tells a story, that while it feels familiar, makes you put it in a part of your gaming heart. Well that is my unbiased opinion xD

NukaCola1677d ago

In all fairness, OoT didn't sell me an N64. Mario 64 did.

Benjaminkno1677d ago

I'm a HUGE Zelda fan... and OoT was a bit of a let down for me, as was WW.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1677d ago

uh yes it did. OoT sold 7m only 4m behind and 1m behind Goldeneye 007

wonderfulmonkeyman1677d ago

In all fairness, if you had an N64 back then, it was highly likely that you'd eventually own both, because who really skipped on either one when both were so good?XD

WonderboyIII1677d ago

Ocarina is the one of best game ever developed.

MWH1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Mario was great but Ocarina was greater. two different games I know, but they're both games and if I have to make a pick, it's will be Zelda every time.

Neonridr1677d ago

that could be due to the fact that Mario 64 launched with the system. Mario sold me on the console because it was the first thing I ever played. I remember going to Toys R' Us and trying the N64 on a demo station. Mario was running so it was my first experience with the console.

Mario sold the console, but Zelda defined the console.

sweendog1677d ago


Goldeneye defined the console. whenever I speak to anyone about the N64 Goldeneye always comes up in conversation wether hardcore gamer or casual. Even P.C elitists praise that game, it saved them from collecting yellow key, blue key, then red key over and over again.
Both Zelda and goldeneye are in my top 5 games of all time but goldeneye pips it for me.

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sweendog1677d ago

I have had my fill of Zelda. Played them since the early nes days and used to love them. But at some point during the twilight princess it dawned on me that I had been playing the same game for over 25 years. Start with a wooden shield and wooden sword. Upgrade to metal shield and sword. I come to a boulder blocking my path, ill come back when I get some gauntlets. I see an underwater door, metal boots it is. At some point ill get a graplin hook to get across a gap. And Link is the only character confused about a strange triangle on the back of his hand because the rest of the world knows he is part of the triforce as they have played the same story over and over again. Dont get me wrong Zelda 64 is one of my all time top games but the formula is tired. Also sorry for the spoilers for all future Zelda games

CaptainN1677d ago

The exact reason why you should have played Skyward Sword and now A Link between worlds as they are showing the evolutions of the Zelda formula changing.

higgins781677d ago

What @CaptainN said. Also, are you really as big a Zelda fan as you claim? It may be a small thing but for me, who is another big Zelda fan, that you referred to Ocarina as Zelda 64 - which could be confused with Majora's Mask - set alarm bells ringing...troll alert?

sweendog1677d ago

Not a troll mate was a Big Nintendo fan as a child (im 31) and as an adult up to the Gamecube. Had a wii but it only came out at Party's when everyone wanted to play Raving Rabbids drunk. I get angry with Nintendo simply because all the people who grew up with them are all on playstaion or Xbox. I feel that I grew up and Nintendo didnt I will play games such as the Witcher over Zelda as I know these games are inspired by Zelda but for a more mature audiance. Also only Zelda fans knows metal boots get you to the bottom of water, think the Zelda 64 error is due to my age!

Kastrol1677d ago

i 100% agree with you sweendogg OoT is probably my favorite game ever but @ some point during a play through twilight princess it hit me too same old shit and i felt if i skip this game i probably wont be missing much and i probably know how the story and game will go down.

Zelda Oot & Ww two of the goat games

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This article title sounded aggressive but it wasn't

Benjaminkno1677d ago

I'd like to see a remade Zelda ll... which was my favorite for years.

That was back when everybody made games stupid hard.

Summons751677d ago

That wont happen. Not only did most players hate the game (i personally liked it too) Nintendo has come out on recred saying they feel its the worst installment.

LKHGFDSA1677d ago

Zelda is the most overrated series.

JonahNL1677d ago

Call of Duty says "hi".

higgins781677d ago

Erm, get in the queue. So, so many genuinely overrated games series to mention. Where Zelda has innovated, crafted and polished some of the most unique gaming experiences of all time, plenty of other franchises deem it ok to rinse and repeat. The newest console Zelda, Skyward Sword, pure innovation and craft. The newest handheld Zelda, A Link Between Worlds, similarly as innovative (almost) and wonderful crafted.

gillri1677d ago

Nope they arent, A link Between world beat both GTA 5 , Bioshock inifinite and Gone Home for my GOTY.but not TLOU

It was pure joy from start to finish

Geobros1677d ago

Zelda means "quality". Even if I don't like the recent Zelda games, I have to admit that their development was really good and games that worth their money...

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