Will Elder Scrolls Online Go The Same Way as The Old Republic?

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Elder Scrolls Online is set to be one of the biggest MMORPG launches in the last few years. It’s the first MMO set within the familiar Elder Scrolls universe, and naturally this has a lot of people buzzing. Its subscription-based format bucks the trend of most new MMOs by using free-to-play or one-purchase-only models. Also, the development costs of Elder Scrolls Online are said to be excessive, even for a modern triple-A game. It’s a big risk and it’s a new direction, but haven’t we heard this before? Familiar universe, subscription model, big development costs. I think we have. Remember Star Wars: Old Republic?''

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GamerEuphoria1676d ago

This was written after playing the beta!

NukaCola1676d ago

I love Skyrim but come on. The quests get old. There's only so much you can do before it gets boring. 60 bucks gave me 300hours of content, which wad not all great. I refuse to pay 60 plus 15 a month to play this. It also kills off a want for ES VI as this will add expansions which kind of cuts into the main games. We get an ES and Fallout game every few years. It's a real treat and doing a paid MMO just ruins it for me. Maybe I am a minority on this, but remember what happened to KOTOR....Remember. . .!!!

Anthotis1676d ago

It will go F2P/microtransactions route when they realise what a stupid idea sub to play was.

All the other TES bugfests have been abandoned and left to suffer in their bugginess after about 1-2 years, so expect this one to shut down by 2016, regardless of how well it is doing

titans99991676d ago

Nuka, you know you can create your own quests using the creation kit right?

JasonXS121676d ago

How is $60 for 300 hours of content not enough for some people. Sometimes you pay the same price for less than 1/10 of the content that Skyrim has to offer.
I wasn't in the Beta but we can't decide whether it fails or not because a lot of people gave up on KOTOR because there wasn't any end game. I do feel the monthly sub price is ridiculous but if they do somehow make it worth our while for the $15, then I don't see why it should stop.
Look at KOTOR yes, but look at how FFXIV is doing right now.

awi59511676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

NO it will not. Its not instanced all to hell where you cant find other players to interact with. The serves arent set up where only 80 players can be seen in a zone and most of them are phased out in their own separate world which made world pvp impossible in old republic.

The crafting and different guilds and combat is very fun and interesting. Unlike old republic where i got bored very fast. This game is very much like skyrim the only thing that would kill it is if it didnt have a end game. But as far as letting you choose the weapon you want to use and lvl it up like in the other elder scrolls games thats still there and i hope they dont back down from that just for the MMO crowd or pvp crowd.

H0RSE1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


You do realize what the subscription fee helps pay for, right? It's helping to pay for the maintenance. There's gonna be a full-time team dedicated to the game. Working out bugs and server issues. MMO's are notorious for releasing numerous and lengthy patches that address a number of issues, SP games like TES, not so much.

Subscription models are a double-edges sword:

One one side, it helps to weed out the undesirables or un-dedicated players. It can work to create a more tightly knit and like-minded community.

One the other side, well, it costs money to play the game, so it can work to make players play out of obligation, rather than just to have fun.

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MrDreadnought1676d ago

I hear a lot of people refering to SWTOR as a failure, and F2P as a result of it, first I have to say I am completelly against free 2 play, I prefer to pay 10 euros monthly subscription and be completelly equal in opportunities with my fellow gamers..

But SWTOR, which I still play, so you could say I am kind of byas, is working for the momment, it has a decent subscription base, the servers are around 100 to 200 in each server and area in Europe, and also in America, almost everytime of the day, and it is being constantly being updated, you can see through the recent expansion that completelly adds a new system of spaceship battles, a system that is done from scratch...

I mean calling it a failure, I call it more a once failure but now rather decent and addicting MMO, I say, when you play games like swtor, you can't play other mmos for its story... Its simply not possible, you're simply used to a quality that even Bioware struggles to keep the same standart, and that was its early downfall, since they would have to hire all the actors once again to add 10 to 30 minutes of story.

Games like Warhammer Online and Matrix Online and Pre-reboot FFXIV were more failures.

hellzsupernova1676d ago

Yeah I agree. Star wars was initially looking successful, but the player numbers fell to fast. I really enjoyed it and it still has a good community which is fantastic.

The elder scrolls online is going to sink like a rock. Everything we have herd is making this game sound meh.

Everquest next sounds way more promising

AceBlazer131676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

The game has microtransactions so there goes equal opportunity, right out the gate. Not to mention there'll always be the guy who plays all day everyday.

Only way this game would succeed is if it launched in a year with no other game releases. 4 months of eso or a new game? Hmm difficult choice /s

awi59511676d ago

You didnt even play the beta past lvl 3 i bet.

JsonHenry1676d ago

From the video I have watched and the word of mouth friends that have had hands on I think this game will fail harder that Star Wars.

sorane1676d ago

Yeah I haven't really heard anything good from people that have played the beta. Doesn't seem like the game is shaping up well from everything I hear.

GamerEuphoria1676d ago

It plays like Skyrim...just with some other players.

The beta was ok, but it didn't feel all that satisfying to play. It is a beta i guess!

xPhearR3dx1676d ago

That's because the people who are enjoying it are not saying anything because of NDA and they want to continue to participate in future test. I for one have played all aspects of the beta, and I really enjoy it a lot. Yes it does start off slow, but the more you play the better it gets. I'm not going to go into detail because of NDA. Obviously not everyone is going to enjoy it. It's always easier to go online and complain about something you don't like compared to what people actually like.

COD is a perfect example. EVERYONE online talks about how trash it is, including myself. However, millions of people enjoy it year after year.

MestreRothN4G1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

CoD is hated because it sells and doesn't evolve, not because it is horrible.

Very bad comparison. But, hey, every mediocre blockbuster wannabe would love to be compared to the former #1, right?

You see... my band, for instance. My friends say it is awful, but it is as great as Queen, since one of them said Queen is rubbish.


Volkama1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I played around in the beta, so let me fix that with some positive feedback :)

-Character creation is good. Can easily make characters I like
-The world draws you into just exploring and doing your own thing in a way that MMORPGs have not done since pre-WoW
-Early impression of character progression, choice, loot etc is positive.

The problem that may be significant is that combat just doesn't feel suitably meaty. IMO Oblivion and Skyrim had terrible combat too though, and they did OK.

I will buy the game and subscribe, and time will tell how long it holds my attention.

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allgamespc20121676d ago

i was in beta, still am. it was so bad. it looks and feels like a ps2 game with horirble lag and animations.

xPhearR3dx1676d ago

Your computer must be terrible. I played it on Ultra with 60FPS and zero lag. Even in PVP with 300 players on screen I had zero lag.

Cernunnos1676d ago

I was in beta, and on ultra it is easily the best looking MMO out there. There was indeed some noticable server-delay during combat, but that will most likely be ironed out before release.

Volkama1676d ago

It is certainly not ugly, but it is not as demanding as I would like. I can max it out on my single 6950. I will have 2 R9 290s by the time the game releases, but it wont look any better.

I get that they want MMORPGs to run well on as many systems as possible, but I wish devs would think 2 years into the future when setting the upper limits of the visuals.

MestreRothN4G1676d ago

While games are going the free to play route, this one chooses PAY to PAY model (60 + subscription).

So yes, there's no room for something this expensive unless it is absolutely top tier, which this is not.

SilentNegotiator1676d ago

The Pay to Pay model really does need to die.

Jubez1871676d ago

Get your cake right. Also, note that most MMO players won't play any other games while they're focusing on their progression. In the end your video game expenses are lower. If you DO buy and play a bunch of games AND subscribe to the MMO then just cancel the sub cause there's no way you're putting enough time in it anyways.

SilentNegotiator1676d ago

"most MMO players won't play any other games while they're focusing on their progression"

Give cold hard statistical facts as proof or GTFO. I don't believe for a second that "most" MMO players do nothing but play ONE game for months.

An MMO does not have to be something that requires THAT much complete and utter attention with zero distractions.

AnEwGuY1676d ago

I agree. I mean, it's bad enough that you have to pay. But when you have to PAY to pay, well that's just down right greedy.

Jdoki1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


The GTFO is a bit harsh!... but I'l partially back up Jubez187 with anecdotal evidence.

I've played a lot of MMO games over the years, and of the people I know who also play generally stick to one MMO at a time, and generally play a lot less non-MMO games (if any).

I'm not saying they only play ONE game. Just that those people who are really in to MMO's, tend to go balls deep in to them to the point of excluding everything else.

My data is based on about a dozen or so people I've known who are in to MMO's.

I would also say that people playing MMO's with a monthly subscription are the most likely to avoid other games / MMO's. Possibly because they feel they need to get value for money from their subscription. F2P MMO gamers have more variety in their gaming lives.

But as I said, this is just anecdotal, and based on years of gaming.

SilentNegotiator1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

"anecdotal evidence"? GTFO! :)

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pennywhyz1676d ago

Def fail especially if it has that horrible clunky combat system like all of them.

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