Are EA Killing Their Sports Games With Microtransactions?

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Microtransactions are becoming commonplace in a lot of videogames in recent years. They were once a key feature in most free-to-play games, but now they’re making their way into retail releases. Microtransactions have the ability to support or break a game, and it’s purely down to how they are handled that determines which side the swinging pendulum falls upon. The difference between how free-to-play and retail games offer microtransactions is that an initial investment is usually required. Retail games with microtransactions represent a potentially huge problem, especially if said game has a large focus on multiplayer. In that vein, enter Fifa 14.''

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GamerEuphoria1529d ago

Fifa mostly referenced due to not playing the latest Madden

GuyThatPlaysGames1528d ago

I can't wait until EA's license for the NFL runs out! Madden games suck so much it's not even funny.

TrueJerseyDevil1528d ago


Madden 25 (next gen version) is a good game, better than most lately. I could argue that it is the best madden ever. It is good first step for the game going into the next generation, and I hope they keep improving

Simco8761528d ago


Can I draft a fantasy team in Madden 25?

frostypants1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Yeah...Madden hasn't undergone a significant change in over a decade. They're still using the same damn models and animations. They just bump up the resolution, screw with the textures, add one feature and remove another, and call it a new game every year. It's turned into goddamn Golden Tee.

LordMaim1528d ago

Or Mass Effect 3, or Dead Space 3. Its not just the sports games they're shoehorning this wretched practice into.

nategrigs1528d ago

Thats true, but in many cases they make the only sports games available. I love hockey games and only have one choice. The same thing applies to football games.

ramiuk11528d ago

i love fifa but what annoys me is the people who buy there teams with real money giving them an advantage imo.
i refuse to buy coins(i could afford easily)but i wont as i hate microtransactions.

in gaming people had the best armor,players,weapons because they was good at the game and had progressed,these days u can buy it.

it is killing gaming and the companies know its the kids buying all the crap with there parents money,credit card on there MS/psn account and just spending away without them realising prob.

EA does seem the worst imo,but i have just logged into ghosts and it says i can turn my dog into a wolf for £1.89 lol.

b163o11528d ago

This really kills my dreams of games letting us download there soundtracks to our hard drives. $60+ we should've been able to do last generation. Fifa ST has always been on point, and if it were available I'd have songs from Fifa 08 still on my hard drive today...

showtimefolks1528d ago

no but fans sure thing so, you know what's funny about MC is that you don't need to use it. Just play the game and grind you way or just pay for little things that you think are worth it now

for example dead space 3, you can build all the weapons and mods if you play through the game, or if you don't want to wait till the end you can pay a little and get awesome weapons earlier in the game

gamers can complain all they want MC are here to stay and in my opinion are not a bad thing. Having options are never bad thing. Some of us don't have time to grind hours to get something when we only have an hour for gaming per day and few hours per week

GT6 has done it well, MC are very expensive so you think twice about paying but if you don't mind than option is there

Highlife1528d ago

I disagree if you pay full price for a game you should get the whole game. The only time micro transactions should be excepted is in free to play games PERIOD .

showtimefolks1528d ago

what do you mean full game? dead space 3 was a complete game, you could spend money to gain some weapons instead of having to grind

how is that not complete game?

HomerJDog1528d ago

I really buy sport games but recently bought fight night champion in xbox live for $5. went online and noticed u can upgrade ur online characters stats with micro transactions. that's some bs. will never pay for shit like this.

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Eonjay1528d ago

No, I'm sure the games are killing the micro transactions.

Joe9131528d ago

how do micro transactions work in sports games.

WalterWJR1528d ago

You buy packs of cards which contain players.

They have been doing it for many years now, it's a joke.

yezz1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

You can also use the in-game currency that you get by actually playing the game. As long as they keep that in Fifa I have no problems with micro transactions because I don't need them at all..

There are so many awful Fifa kids out there that buy packs with 100$ and get all the best players but still lose to cheap but well constructed teams.

Nerdmaster1528d ago

EA kills every game that has the back luck to fall on its hands.

NYC_Gamer1528d ago

EA are killing sports games with bugs/glitches and no real gameplay improvements

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