How to Double Your DualShock 4 Charge Life

Sick of your DualShock 4's battery? Here's how to get many more game play hours out of your controller.

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pheature1647d ago

keep it on the plug and charge?

have 2 pads?

Alexious1647d ago

These are options too, but they come with a cost, obviously.
In the first case, you lose the wireless capability. In the second case, you lose money

Transporter471647d ago

Gaming is a loss of money anyways. I tend to have two controllers for any console I own, so having another controller is a long term investment on something you don't need in the first place. Its entertainment so you're going to lose money either way. Nothing wrong with buying another controller.

CuddlyREDRUM1647d ago

Transporter - you realize that makes no sense?

Entertainment costs money, so you should buy an extra controller anyway? That is like saying you may as well buy a spare TV for your living room, because you already bought one.

paidadvertiser1646d ago

He said you're going to lose money on something that isn't a necessity in life, which entertainment isn't. He's simply saying, you already lost money on something you don't need, so there isn't much harm in losing a little more. Gaming isn't an actual investment at all or necessary in order to live, so there isn't a return of any kind. Everything he said makes perfect sense. If money is a priority for you over entertainment, that's pretty illogical or just impossible if you already own a 400 dollar toy. If you can't understand such a basic statement, then I'd have to just assume your parents pay for your entertainment and they never explained that it isn't an asset in life.

abzdine1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

isn't it just a matter of exchanging PS3 battery and PS4 battery?
i personaly always have it plugged to micro USB directly from PS4 while playing

pheature1646d ago

where are you loosing money?
buy purchasing another joypad?

we are all not loners :p

Orange1646d ago

In the second case, if your laptop is nearby you can charge via the USB port on the laptop.

Pixel_Enemy1646d ago

Yeah, I have a charge dock and two controllers so when one dies I switch to the other. This is really a non issue for me. I don't think there would be an instance where I would need to use both (two player) for more than 8 hours.

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GarrusVakarian1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I bought a 3 meter USB to micro USB cable for like £3 so i can charge while i play, no more having to sit really close to my TV to charge my controller with the super short cable that comes with the PS4.

DeadMansHand1646d ago

Me too. Honestly, before I did though I never had the controller die on me. 7 hours straight is a pretty serious gaming session. I usually put 3-4 in then either get up to get blood flowing or eat. I put the controller on charger and it was good to go in an hour or so.

BattleTorn1646d ago

I will never play with my controller plugged in. never.

SSJBen1646d ago

1) We're in 2014 and we're supposed to go back to having our controllers wired? Then at the same time gamers wants to bask in future technologies?

2) 2 pads makes sense yes and that's a solution. But when you look at the DS4 costing $60, having poor battery life and mediocre rubber on the analog sticks, that's a stupid investment. The DS3 I bought as an extra in 2008 still works fine today with no cosmetic damaages. Don't see that happening with the DS4 in 2018.

Concertoine1646d ago

i agree, but i think the rubber feels fine, its the battery that just feels inexcusable and we shouldnt have to compensate for it.

dsswoosh1646d ago

The battery option like what is used on the XB1 controller is still the better solution to wireless controllers -

1 - You never need to plug your controller in, no cables. Ever.

2 - You have one set of batteries on charge while you play and swap them over when needed.

Rechargeable batteries and a charger are cheap as chips.

Also, the XB1 controller lasts about 50 hours on a single charge. Meaning you only need swap them over once per week or more.

Gremdude1646d ago

Nobody wants to swap batteries. That is so 1995. And rechargeable batteries suck. They do not last 50 hours. IN other words, everything you said is inaccurate. Well at least you are making yourself happy with your purchase of that Xbox One! There is that!

mwjw6961646d ago

dsswoosh is about right. 50 hours of charge on my brand new Eneloop batteries.

You want to swap $10 batteries or a $60 controller?

Use shit rechargeable/charger get shit use out of them. I already have to have them for my XP500. So this does not affect me or anyone else with half a brain.

nukeitall1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


"Nobody wants to swap batteries. That is so 1995. And rechargeable batteries suck."

And playing tethered to a cable is not 1995 on the DS4 cause you ran out of battery after only 6-7 hours?

That 6-7 hours will reduce to 4-5 hours in about a year.

That said, the Xbox One controller do have a play and charge kit for $20, and it works just like the DS4, but with a long charge cord.

If convenience is 1995, I will take that!

G20WLY1646d ago

Look, I love gaming as much as anyone else here. But if you spend more than 7 hours per session playing games, you should seriously consider reassessing the way you live your life.

Moreover, if you decide that IS how you want to live your life, I would suggest an additional pad is a negligible additional cost.

Volkama1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

The One controllers do actually last a ridiculous amount of time on a set of AAs. It was about 3 weeks of heavy use before I had to swap out the ones it came with.

But the best solution (imo) is a charging dock to just leave the controller (or battery pack) on between sessions. That's available for both consoles, and takes battery life issues out of the equation.

T21646d ago

Who doesn't want two controllers? don't people have real friends anymore? and no AA batteries are not in any way a better solution. I went through 8 pairs of rechargeable lithium bats in about four years of x360 use... meanwhile my 4 ds3 all still work perfectly

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ITPython1646d ago

It would be really cool if the DS4 took 18650 li-ion batteries. Not only could they be charged via USB just as the battery is now, but 3400mAh 18650's are widely available right now.

Although it probably wouldn't be too difficult to drill a little hole in the back of the controller and run the battery wires out to an external case which attached to the back of the controller and housed a battery such as an 18650 (or any other 3.6v li-ion battery).

If my controller ever kicks the bucket, I may do some experimenting on it. As a small 18650 case on the back running vertically wouldn't affect my hand placement on the controller at all.

MrPoopyPants1646d ago

OMG! Ok people here's an idea, after your'e done playing it for the day, put your PS4 on low power standby mode and plug your controller in. Not only will your controller now be fully charged, your PS4 will be completely updated! I know guys, it's hard to use that thing in your head sometimes. It's ok.

leogets1646d ago

I know right... what's wrong with people

MikeGdaGod1646d ago

2 worries

SmielmaN1646d ago

I bought the extra controller at the time I bought the system (along with a game). I learned from the PS3 that I kill my controllers and need another one to tag in every now and then haha.

TAURUS-5551646d ago

ive no problem with charging battery every now and then.

the DS4 is amazing ¡¡¡¡¡

360ICE1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

None of which actually increase the battery life.

Anyway, I actually think the battery life in DS4 is a minor annoyance. DS3's battery life was really awesome, and I wasn't expecting DS4 to be that much worse.

Gamer19821646d ago

2 pads was my answer for ps3 and PC and will be for ps4. Though you can get a pack that attaches to the back already that more than doubles its charge.

Pro Racer1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

That's good to know. All you have to do is swap the battery and disable that useless light and you're set!

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karamsoul1647d ago

I just wish Sony devs would find some way to make it possible to turn that annoying controller light off. :P

Transporter471647d ago

Don't point it on your face ? lol. It never bothers me when I play since i sit, usually the light shines down or forward.

Deadpoolio1647d ago

People with cheap ass Tvs cry about the glare...Either that or they are sitting a foot away from it. Never noticed it myself since I don't have a cheap costco or Dynex TV and I sit about 10 feet away from it like your supposed to

neoandrew1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

But why the hell he must use if he don't want to use it, just simple as that?

Not providing such feature it just silly, it only drains the battery, coz sony say they know better than you, what you want.

The battery size is also a joke, the ds3 battery work near 2 times longer!

Srly what were they thinking? Have someone any valid logical point?

Alexious1647d ago

Never bothered me as well. Then again, I play with my monitor and it's obviously above the level of my DS4.

UnHoly_One1647d ago

You don't have to point it at your face for it to be annoying. I play in a dimly lit room and it's super annoying when it lights my crotch up like I have a spotlight on it.

And I don't know how much the light affects the battery life, but every little bit counts. I've now owned 5 wireless controllers, (wavebird, ds3, ds4, XB 360, XB1), and the DS4 has the most pathetically short battery life ever.

I used to regularly run my DS3 dead in one gaming session, and it lasted literally twice as long as a DS4. It's REALLY bad.

And it just makes me love my replaceable Xbox batteries all the more.

MysticStrummer1646d ago

"it's super annoying when it lights my crotch up like I have a spotlight on it."

That's some bizarre reasoning there, and quite a stretch to find something to whine about. Shorter battery life, glare on the monitor, or too much light in a dark room are valid reasons to complain about the light. Lighting up your own crotch, which you really shouldn't be spending too much time looking at anyway, isn't much of a reason.

But, you should be able to turn that light off if you want to.

DragonKnight1646d ago

It's an LED light for goodness sake, it's not draining the battery as much as you think. I do agree that there should be an option to turn it off though, only because it's pointless to have an unnecessary power drain on the controller, no matter how small it is.

Boody-Bandit1646d ago

I've played a couple hundred hours on the PS4 with the DS4 and I never even notice the light being even on.

Volkama1646d ago

Lights bug me. I play in a dark room, and any light source besides the TV is noticable. It's not a "cheap-ass TV", it's an expensive high-quality home AV setup.

The DS4 should let you turn the light off (and really shouldn't have the light in the first place, there are more elegant solutions).

The consoles themselves shouldn't light up either.

And the Kinect, that might be the most annoying of all as it is a requirement that you have it by the TV.

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moujahed1647d ago

Sony specifically said they left it up to the game developers to make that option.

ThatEnglishDude1647d ago

I sit about 8ft away from the TV and don't even see the reflection. If I hold my hand against the light and gradually move it away, it stops showing on my palm about 3-4ft away, so the range really isn't that distracting at all.

kaiserfranz1646d ago

I agree, it surely seems an overblown issue to me.

dsswoosh1646d ago ShowReplies(3)
ITPython1646d ago

The light itself doesn't bother me while playing, but it is probably sucking down at least 100mA of juice, which even if the light was the only thing being used on the controller that is 10 hours till the battery goes 100% dead.

I have absolutely no need for the light, and should be able to turn it off to get a few extra hours of battery juice.

Also while we can turn the speaker volume 100% down, the little amplifier inside the controller (which works for the speaker and the headphone jack) is still on, which may be the biggest reason for the short battery life.

Options to turn off as much or little as we want is the best solution for everybody.

kaiserfranz1646d ago

This is an intelligent comment, Sony would do great if they let us switch off the lights and the speaker.

BABY-JEDI1646d ago

I like the light. It reminds me that I have a controller in my hand.
; P

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Why o why1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

The winner, ;)

Its annoying sony couldn't use a more efficient battery to at least match the ds3. I'm not even sure if locking off the light will put it on par with the ds3......seems I underappreciated the ds3 in regards to battery life. I hope they make a revised version with a more stronger battery.

wsoutlaw871646d ago

if you want a version with a stronger battery the just do what the article says and replace the battery, its just a battery.

Alexious1646d ago

It seems very likely, considering the complaints.
Also, would probably guarantee them a lot of new controllers sold.

Relientk771647d ago

I have 2 controllers, if one dies I'll just switch

guitarded771647d ago

That's how I roll too. The only system I have an issue with is the Wii U... just one gamepad, and it bleeds juice. If they'd ever come out with a standalone gamepad, I'd buy a second one of them too. If the price isn't too high.

SaffronCurse1647d ago

Question, What if the WIIU gamepad breaks since they don't sell them individually.

guitarded771647d ago

@ SaffronCurse

I have no idea... I guess you would have to call Nintendo Customer Support and see what your options would be.

MysticStrummer1646d ago

Yeah it's good to have two controllers for those games that allow local co-op or competitive multiplayer, and you can always have one charging as you use the other.

Adolph Fitler1647d ago

How can the light on the controller be annoying???? It points the opposite way to your face & EYEBALLS......And you'd have to be looking down at it notice, instead of looking up at your screen actually playing your game....
It's not exactly a f^cking strobe light!!!!!
I've been absolutely hooked on just playing NFS:Rivals on my PS4 & I have been sadly ignoring my 6-7 other games (although I've also indulged in the brilliant Resogun), & whether I play in the day or at night with all lights off, the controller light HAS NEVER inhibited my gameplay or even caught my notice whilst I'm engaged in a game...
The only feature on the controller I've noticed that is kind of off putting (in a good way), is the speakers in the controller & when suddenly voices sound like they are right next to you in KZ:SF or the like....I absolutely love that feature, even though it takes some getting used to at first...
But, the new controller is THE BEST controller I've ever laid hands on, & is a big part of the reason Sony will most likely dominate this gen. The controller feels absolutely brilliant in hand & although NOTHING can be perfect, the DS4 is getting close to that, & the only real area I can fault it, is the battery life is substantially less impressive than the DS3 & 360 controllers. But, they last long enough, being that they can go for a 8-10hr heavy gaming session.. So, put it on charge after every session, & if you play for longer than 8-10hrs at a time, THEN SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP.

UnHoly_One1647d ago

I can't get 6 hours out of either of my DS4's. I wish I could get the 8-10 you are talking about.

MysticStrummer1646d ago

"I can't get 6 hours out of either of my DS4's"

Try spending less time looking at your own crotch and more time gaming.

DragonKnight1646d ago

@Mystic: Lol, you're never going to let him live that one down are you?

UnHoly_One1646d ago

If you saw my crotch you'd be staring at it, too.

It's magnificent.

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