Critics encourage gamers to give 'Alien: Isolation' a chance

Sega officially confirmed that 'Alien: Isolation' was in the works but the gaming community was a little weary of the announcement with most of them expecting the game to be a failure. Now several game critics are trying assure their readers that 'Alien: Isolation' will not be a train wreck of a disaster.

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-Foxtrot1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Critics also were fooled for all of Aliens CM development that it was amazing game, it took them until they actually sat down to review the game that they decided to tell us it was crap.

I mean I don't think I saw many people who had played Aliens CM write articles stating how bad it was.

So how can I believe these critics when they failed to realise what was going on with a game like Colonel Marines when they had previews of it. Thanks for the early warning guys /s

tristanwerbe1673d ago ShowReplies(1)
CapsLocke1673d ago

Colonial Marines, again. You can't live a day without mention it.

-Foxtrot1673d ago

Because it's a valid point people seem to be guys are getting yourselfs hyped up yet again and you don't have a clue what the outcome is going to be

This has happened twice and people are latching onto everyword of critics and the developers thinking they are telling the truth when you don't know what to believe.

Seriously, it's stupidity, no one is saying it's GOING to be a bad game, just to not get your hopes up yet again.

antz11041673d ago

......because aside from the franchise name one has EVERYTHING to do with the other, right? /s

MysticStrummer1673d ago

What you said is true, but Foxtrot's point stands also, and not just for Aliens games. Too many times, games are hyped to the heavens while being previewed, and then the final product is less than stellar by various degrees. Sometimes we'll even hear that Game X had Problem Y the whole time but it was never mentioned in previews. Most of the time what we'll get at best is a small section at the end of a glowingly positive preview that quickly and vaguely mentions that there are a few problems but they'll be ironed out before release. The hype machine at work.

I'll keep an eye on this game, but just like any other game I'm interested in I'll try to keep my expectations realistic. Reviews can't be trusted many times and the same goes for previews.

-Foxtrot1673d ago



Someone gets it

antz11041673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I get what what you're saying Mystic, and I agree. Hype happens with any game, and unfortunately sometimes a turd completely stays under the radar until its released (Colonial Marines).

That being said, what Im getting at is people like Foxtrot are making assumptions of product B based previous experience of product A. Its like saying he won't buy a Honda because his last Toyota broke down. Doesn't make any sense.

While I don't think this game should be overlooked due to the failings of Gearbox on a totally separate project, I think its wise to tread careful with this title. Lol its still too soon to have my heart broken again.

frostypants1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

But you could say that about ANY game in development. The fact that this game happens to be the Aliens (well, Alien, more accurately...) IP doesn't have any impact on the prospects of the game's success. It's a different development team than that "Colonial Marines" abortion.

This game doesn't deserve any more cynicism than it would if it wasn't an Alien game.

I know that Aliens games have a history of suckage...I'm the first to make fun of that. But in all seriousness and despite the jokes, it's not really logical to pin the failures of past games on this one when the only similarity is the IP.

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Tiqila1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

They deserve a second chance, but first they will have to earn my trust again. I will wait for reviews and then maybe consider a purchase, or rent it first.

GribbleGrunger1673d ago

Who will have to earn your trust? The people who made the 'other Aliens' game (who aren't making this)? Are we really going to judge a game purely on a word? I've played some pretty bad games with 'The' in the title so I guess I should worry when I see more of them.

MestreRothN4G1673d ago

Do you apply your logic yearly to CoD?
'It's just an acronym' after all.

Now, using some brain, this 'word' means a lot, like being inside a franchise with an already terrible history.

Different developer, but same publisher, franchise and standard.

But if that doesn't matter to you, just look at the gameplay. Yay, we traveled 10 years back in time!

sorceror1711673d ago

@MestreRothN4G - Actually, when it comes to movie-based games, Alien/Aliens has done better than most. Though I haven't played it, the original Jaguar game is still praised.

I *have* played AvP (1999) and AvP2 (2001), and they were good. Not ten out of ten, but good. I still fire them up once in a while. Even the latest AvP game got decent, though not amazing, reviews.

Compare that to the majority of movie tie-in games.

I agree that I'm not going to pre-order Aliens:Isolation, but from what I've seen I'm optimistic.

MysticStrummer1673d ago

"when it comes to movie-based games, Alien/Aliens has done better than most."

Ha ha very true.

YellowTempes1673d ago

"They" who? It's a different game man, if you like the Alien franchise then there is no BUT.

Tiqila1667d ago

SEGA and whatever games they will rush out next, I will be sceptical.

I like quality games and dont care about the franchise they might be in. So I would never buy an alien game because its an alien game, but because its fun to play and matches my expectations.

YellowTempes1667d ago

And those expectations should not be denied this time since The Creative Assembly are showing us a most promising game with probably the best mindset for an Alien product.

linkenski1673d ago

IMO it looks more like Outlast than Amnesia so far, for the sole reason that it has so many scripted and choreographed cutscenes where hands flap around in front of the FPS-view. I hate that... that and QTE's are the worst thing that ever happened to games.

blackstrr4111673d ago

Who's gonna refund my money that I used to buy CM cos of these c***s

jackanderson19851673d ago

probably the shop u bought it from... don't most of them have a 14 day return policy?

Tapioca Cold1673d ago

Let us play it before we judge it.

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