BLOK DROP U Developer Shares Perspective on HTML5 Web Framework Development for Wii U

By Thomas Whitehead

BLOK DROP U is approaching release on the Wii U eShop, and is an early representation of a range of games we may see on the platform courtesy of the Nintendo Web Framework. It's a setup that Nintendo began to promote with greater visibility throughout 2013, as it enables game makers utilising code such as HTML5 (as well as Javascript and CSS3) to bring their games to the console, potentially opening the doors further to small developers and 'Indie' projects.

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Nevers0ft1593d ago

Normally I'm 100% behind the "gameplay before graphics" argument but I've seen prettier looking Excel spreadsheets! I'm half attempted to offer my services to the developer as an MS Paint artist... I can barely draw a stick-man but I think that still makes me over-qualified O_o