US Gamer Controversy: Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2′s Perceived Disturbing Scene

SpawnFirst reports: "Recently, Kat Bailey from, posted some of her initial impressions about a certain scene in the preview build of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, that she found quite disturbing. The scene involved a vampire feeding on a woman, along with the implied attack on her child and husband. Kat felt that the attack on the woman felt like an allusion to rape, and the scene was done in bad taste. Her article was a huge center of discussion at NeoGAF as well. SlasherJPC goes in-depth into this story, and gives his take on the whole controversy surrounding Kat’s article and the scene in question."

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jc485731647d ago

I read the article and I felt like it was intended to make Konami look bad. I just didn't like the way the article was written, especially the way she was insinuating about the suggestive rape theme.

Snookies121647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I'm glad this scene was included. I hate when people get so hurt over something that (a) - doesn't apply to them, and (b) - Is completely made up because it's a GAME! (Movie, book, whatever the case may be.)

LoaMcLoa1647d ago

Indeed! How are games supposed to evolve into an artform if we keep censoring them?
There are still so many people who think games should solely give out the feeling of entertaining. Just like books and movies, games should have the same right to make you feel sad, angered and terrified (Not only talking about scary games here)

SolidGear31647d ago

Exactly! Spec Ops: The Line says Hello.

Studio-YaMi1647d ago

People today just love to be feminist hipsters for the ladies and for all the wrong reasons as well.

The media people these days..such a disgrace!
Quite uniform,Dragon's crown and now this,what do those immature pricks want? a Teletubbies kind of atmosphere in every game released that IS M RATED!? :|

isarai1647d ago

Vampires feed on women in media for centuries, everyone just sees poor victim of vicious creature, Vampire feeds on woman in game? RAPE!! RAAAAAAAAAAPE!!!!

ThatArtGuy1647d ago

Vampires are supposed to be sparkly and romantic now, right?

AnotherProGamer1646d ago

This is what Twilight has made vampires look like now

MrSwankSinatra1647d ago

you see what twilight did to this generation. LOL

NintendoYouth1647d ago

good lord.
everyone cries and complains about everything.

isnt Dracula like a "pimp"?
like hes smooth with women and all that?
I always thought Dracula/vampires were sexual by nature?

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The story is too old to be commented.