Club Nintendo Restocks 3DS Game Card Case, Includes New Artwork

Hardcore Gamer: After months of waiting, Club Nintendo has finally restocked the 3DS Game Case with new artwork.

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admiralvic1677d ago

Finally! I got the Legend of Zelda one because I love that Boo design.

kirbyu1677d ago

I already ordered mine because I know it's gonna be sold out by like tomorrow.

Ravijn1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Yep. Just ordered the Zelda one now. It will go along nicely with my Zelda 3DS XL.

PSWiiKing1677d ago

Ditto (and I don't mean the Pokemon)

TomahawkX1677d ago

I also picked up the Zelda case, this is my first club nintendo reward. I love getting free stuff!

ElasticLove1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I'll wait and save my points, I know there will be some better rewards in the coming months.

admiralvic1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"I know there will be some better rewards in the coming months."

Do you know something we don't know, because history says otherwise. Not only do we rarely get new prizes in the US, but Nintendo is increasing the price of these things are seemingly random rates and amounts. For instance, these cases use to cost 250 coins, but now cost 400 coins. Thats an increase of 60% or 150 coins. At this rate, it might be wise to cash out before the system becomes absurdly overpriced (like the Luigi figure).

ElasticLove1677d ago

"Do you know something we don't know"

Who knows for sure friend, there's a possibility that something can come along this year that I want. I just don't want to waste my points on a game case that I can get for $10 or less elsewhere (not the exact one, but I'm not too picky about stuff like that).

admiralvic1677d ago

Fair enough. I was just trying to help since good items are far and few between.

ElasticLove1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Understandable. But thanks for the bit of insight though, didn't know they were raising prices on the rewards. Have to keep a eye out for that.

admiralvic1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

" didn't know they were raising prices on the rewards"

Yeah, both figuratively and literally.


The tote bag went from 250 coins to 400 coins, though the dimensions didn't change.
Mario hat pouch went from 450 to 500 coins.
Poster sets were 350, but cost 400 now.
Wrist Strap collection were 400, though they now want 450.
The giant AR card also went from 200 to 300 coins.
Plus this item obviously went from 250 coins to 400 coins.


Back when LoZ OoT first released, CN gave the OoT OST for free to anyone that entered their CN pin. Three years later, they gave away the MM OST as a platinum reward, which is worth roughly 15 (40 x 15 = 600) 3DS games versus the original 1.
The second platinum reward was a PVC figure, which lead to all those talks about how cool it would be to get one. Nintendo finally released a slightly larger Luigi figure and charged 1,500 (2.5 platinum rewards worth) for it.

swice1677d ago

Just got the Zelda one. Finally, before it sold out!

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The story is too old to be commented.