Battlefield 4 Extended Cinematic Tools Showcased, Allowed On Non Ranked Servers

YouTube's member has shared a new video, showcasing his upcoming mod for Battlefield 4. This mod - called Battlefield 4 Extended Cinematic Tools - is described as a hack for BF4 that 'gives the player access to different camera and visual settings, allowing a greater variety for cinematic videos.'

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john21646d ago

imagine what we'd be getting if there were proper modding tools. Bummer.

Pandamobile1646d ago

Yeah, it's really disappointing to see so many games these days that have all their data locked away in proprietary container files. One of my favourite things to do when I was younger was mess around with the Half-Life 2 game files.

The feeling of just modifying a couple files and seeing how they changed in-game was almost magical. These little modding moments I experienced as a young teenager definitely contributed to my decision to pursue a career in game development.

Thankfully there's still a lot of smaller games that support modding, along with AAA stuff like Skyrim. Every aspiring developer owes a ton of thanks to Valve and Bethesda for continuing to support creative freedom.